What if you are surrounded by indecisive people? Confusion utter confusion, that I what you get, when the company you keep, are constantly indecisive of what they want to do, in their day to day routine. The thought process of such people is more like a fast-moving electric ray on a computer monitor which keeps wavering each second.

It feels like you are caught in a whirlpool that has the power of sucking you in and leaving you powerless! As powerless as the churner of a rural lady, who uses it to churn the butter out of freshly made dahi! The churner is at the mercy of the lady and her sheer brute force, as she doesn’t stop till the butter doesn’t get separated! Now that poor churner keeps getting targeted, every time the butter needs to be made. In the same way, when you are surrounded by indecisive fickle-minded people, your life is the same as the churner of the lady!

When you get pulled in ten different directions, in things as simple as whether you want to do something, or don’t want to do something. There is a constant “no” and “yes”, on each and everything you do and it tests your patience to the core! For example, with this group of fickle-minded people, you decide to go for lunch and you decide on a restaurant, where you want to go, for ages. Somehow, with great difficulty, you convince this group, to go to that place and you are very excited and get dressed, in your choicest of accessories and dress up well and think that, now you will have a great evening and when you come out of your room all dressed in your finery, you are told, that the pre-decided restaurant, has been dropped like a hot cake, as supposedly the restaurant doesn’t serve good food!

You are dumbfounded, that now what you should do? Somehow you clench your teeth and say, that there will be a next time, when finally you will go to your fave place to have a leisurely lunch. The story does not end there, there is much much more to come.

You reach this forlorn boring restaurant, where supposedly there is good food, then another very interesting story of these fickle-minded people unfolds. The menu is given by the waiter and there is a heated discussion as to who will eat what. I am handed the menu in a very civil way and I happily choose my food, but this group, totally shuns my choice, saying that that choice is either too costly or bad to taste! I quietly look down, not to look angry, as I am very angry. The food comes in after a lot of shaky choices, that who will eat what. I put a morsel of food anticipating the good food and it tastes Ewww! I wonder how everyone was so keen to come to this forlorn place with such tasteless food! I look around and I see everyone eating in bliss! I somehow try to suppress my anger and feel happy that at least these people are happy.

Life with such people is so stressful, at times that it confuses you no end. When you have to make important decisions, such as the choice of your child’s college, or talking about how to solve a certain odd behavior pattern of the child, which needs attention, then again you notice marked impulsiveness and dire impatience in coming to a decision, as the basic attribute of having a fixed opinion and decision-making power is missing! Ultimately I have to take the problem into my hands and solve it according to my discretion.

Such people are prone to a lot of pessimism and anger issues, as when they decide to do something in their lives, they are filled with doubts, as to whether their goal will be achieved or not, as again in their minds, they oscillate, as to whether it will happen or no.

The funniest part of living with such people is that, when they get drunk, you should listen to them talk. They fluctuate between umpteen topics and literally travel the world or eat the choicest of foods and decide, supposedly, to go somewhere and the next day, when the booze effect wears off, all the previous night decisions vanish in thin air!

To sum up, my life with these fickle-minded people is like a roller coaster ride and full of fun and thrills! At times you do feel confused and have a serious lack of confidence and mental confusion, but once you pull yourself up and think clearly in your mind that you need to be strong, firm, and decisive and hold them all together, then things move smoothly and the key to this is remaining absolutely calm and relaxed and take the right decisions, despite vehement oppositions from this set of shaky shaky people!. You have to literally be like the firm hand of a balloon wala, where you have these oscillating gay colorful balloons, who need to be controlled, but with care.

It is a tough life no doubt, but the daily thrill I get living with them is an ultimate joy!

One thought on “Fickle-mindedness

  1. Yeah it’s an experience preeti to live with such individuals. You get angry at times and eventually you start enjoying, as you are in a situation where u can predict exactly how they are going to behave. Well shared experience.


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