A Sigh

How do you feel, when you are caught in a whirlpool of innumerable, challenging circumstances and you literally juggle with all of them at once and then at the end of it, how do you feel? You heave a Sigh. A sigh of relief and satisfaction, that once again you did it!

That is how I am feeling right now, feeling satisfied and sighing with a sense of victory and joy! This sigh is so deep, that it is touching my soul, as, the challenges were literally questioning my very existence and all that I believed to date.

Every breath I take, makes me feel ecstatic and brimming with joy, when I see myself now, after this victory and I pat myself on my back and congratulate myself, that despite all odds, I could find my way out and emerge, just in the way I wanted to.

Life has always thrown numerous challenges, at me and I have, with the help of my deep faith in God, sailed through effortlessly! But, this particular set of challenges, where my very existence and my pre-conceived notions were questioned, was the toughest of them all!

I was confused, baffled, totally non-plussed, as to what should I do now. But, I gathered all my courage, as time passed and finally after days of mental turmoil, I am now filled with satisfaction, heaving a deep, happy and victorious sigh.

Victory is sweet and this kind of victory, where you solve all your issues mentally makes you feel ethereal!

One thought on “A Sigh

  1. savour and enjoy this moment preeti. this will encourage you to face any tough challenges , god forbid, if u ever face in future. kudos and heartiest congratulations. and yes a very happy and memorable diwali full of happiness and contentment to you. CONGRATS !!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!


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