The Battle of a Lone Indian Woman

  I am woman and really proud to be one! Recently there were a number of incidents in my life and they not made me discover my own potentials, but also made realise the fact that even if I am a woman, I can do anything. I can do all the things that men were supposed to do according to me except the physical part, for which the men have an advantage and will always have.

    Mentally I have always been a strong woman and I have been a hardcore optimist.I have have always won my battles in life because of my ultimate trust in God. He has helped me always and I know further down in my life also he will help me. He is one who has been there with me always and the he has given me everything I want in life. I have never asked for anything in materialistic values as they never mattered to me and never will.

    I have always valued love and that is what I will value all my life. I was, as I told you, loner who by luck or circumstances, was  primarily left alone and had to fend for my wants and desires myself. So, naturally I stopped trusting anyone and totally managed things myself and things were going happy go lucky that way, when suddenly God felt that it is high time I realise the value of my near and dear ones and understand that how much they care for me.

   God has own ways to teach me and he tested me with an ultimate test of my life, wherein I was constantly tested and despite being an INDIAN WOMAN and I am saying that, as all Indian women will know what I am saying, I won a a personal battle of sorts and emerged victorious and showed the CHAUVINISTIC INDIAN MALE, male that see I could do it without their help and thus showing it to them that don’t gloat because of your sex we are way better and can do anything at any time if we want to do it!

The Miracle

I have always been a staunch believer of God and many times, I have been put in situations, where he deliberately confuses me and then, he himself brings me out of those situations.Recently, I have had a face to face experience of God and believe or not , I have seen Him! He talks to me and constantly inspires me at every step of my life!

I was detected with a medical condition and I was bewildered, as did know how to  deal with it. But, HE kept telling me that, Preeti, I have made you discover it, as I wanted you to realise the worth of relationships and also, I wanted to straighten out certain things which have gone haywire in your life, so, now I will set things right in such a way, that they are  right and you will  never have a problem in your life ever!

Now,I am terrified of pain and I can’t tolerate it and the very thought of it makes me scared, so when I had to go through a surgery, I got scared,but still I had to go through it and when I went through it ,I had terrible pain and to my surprise, I tolerated it , for the first time ever though I cried a lot!.Finally, when I was healed by His grace, HE said, that,”This is not enough, I want all your medical issues to be solved”,so,  today I got my tooth issues solved and next HE  wanted my eye issues to be solved and ultimately, I knew, HE will embark me on a journey, where in, I have to bring about a massive change in society.

HE has always been like this, HE first makes my life comfortable and then, suddenly, HE traps me in a quagmire of troubles and then to my surprise,  HE  himself solves those troubles with his MIRACLES and subsequently he solves all the issues and makes my life comfortable once again. I have had experiences of such  miracles and these were such spell-binding miracles , that I am not only spellbound, but,  now I know that he will  keep  doing these things to make me learn.