Hunger drives men to achieve,
Hunger drives men to perceive,
Hunger pushes men to strive for a reprieve,
Hunger is the driving force in all humanity, Hunger for knowledge, fame, beauty, and prosperity,
But a content man is that man, who overcomes his desires,
Looks around for happiness in the smiles of his family for whom he aspires,
Hunger is there in humanity for his existence and sustenance,
Not for indolence and vengeance,
A sane man should love life and strive to make relationships,
Bear with life through hardships,
Then hunger will not overpower him,
He will overpower Hunger


Wives are tender, they are delicate, and slender, and they are not dependent on the male gender,
As they are a good handler,
Not only of their lives,
But of their family’s lives,
They can breathe, live, enjoy, sustain and nourish,
As they are blessed by God to flourish,
Women are independent, They are not dependent,
Henceforth the wives should understand,
They don’t need hubbies to stand and need another hand,
They should live their lives, with a free mind,
And flourish in this beautiful land,
Which is a gift of God,
They are not only creations of God,
They are blessed with the “Power” of bringing in the future creations of God!
Henceforth my dear wives, wake up and break the shackles of being,” Hubby Dependant “,
Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it!
Be carefree and have complete faith in yourselves, as you absolutely don’t need anyone, you are whole, you are an institution!

Trapped in an Emotional Dilemma


Life has brought me to a state of mind, where along with being at peace spiritually, I still feel that I am trapped at many levels emotionally. Despite my strong and concerted efforts to sort out things and make things around me to be harmonious and comfortable, I tend to get so worked up with trivial issues and they affect me mentally.

On a personal level, for me, mental peace is very important. No matter how much I try to smoothen out the knots of communication and make this easy for me, they tend to get complicated more and more. Now at this stage when I feel that I am in a good space, with my communications, then suddenly in certain situations, things turn on their head and it feels like I have hit a wall. Like as though all the efforts I had put into sorting the knots have got entangled once again and I have to start from square one.

It is the most frustrating feeling and now I feel so trapped and helpless, that I really don’t know, how I can sort out this dilemma of mine. On the one side, I have no escape from it, I have to face it, on the other side I feel so sad that why do I have to keep facing it again and again. The same kind of emotional trauma, the same kind of emotional turmoil, which pops up time and again, just like an unavoidable thorny hurdle, which has to be confronted, defeated, and crushed.

The worst part is that I have to live with it every moment. When I feel relaxed and I take a breather and say to myself that now this tough phase has passed, just then another knot crops up and teases me with a crooked smile and asks me defiantly, “Tell me now what will you do?” I am fed up picking my swords and fighting, how much will I fight, till when. That is one question that I keep asking myself.

Life is good, very very good. I have come to a stage in my life, where now if I look back, I feel so proud of myself when I evaluate myself and see how much I have achieved and how much determination and strength I had, to face each situation, with sheer grit and inner power. My savior my Lord Almighty has been by my side and supported me, heard my prayers and granted all my wishes. I am filled with gratitude, for all that I have been blessed with. Each and every prayer of mine has been answered.

I have learned so much in the past six months in my professional life and personal life that there was no end to the amount of experience, understanding and along with that I felt a tremendous amount of pain which was felt at such a deep level, that it shook me on a spiritual level.

I was shaken beyond reality and my mind plunged into a state, where you feel that you are like a twig flowing in an extremely fast flowing and angry river which is threatening your very existence! I was lost totally aimless and hit a rock bottom. But time is the biggest healer and as time passed, I healed from the pain and revived my inner energies.

Now when I am in a very peaceful space and again and again I see the same kind challenges in my personal life, then I feel trapped, desperate and frustrated and I feel like a fluttering bird caught in a thorny hedge, who keeps getting more more deep gashes on her body, every time she tries to move even an inch. I have to move as I want to live, to survive, but the challenges keep coming up just like how a cobra puts up its head ready to bite you and knock you dead!

I feel trapped as I have no choice but to continue living like this due to many many strong reasons. It is extremely tough to stay in this state of life, where on one side you are at peace with your own self and on the other side you come face to face with challenges every day. It requires a humongous amount of patience and perseverance to maintain your cool in the face of these challenges.

But I know I will do it. In fact ‘I have devised a very novel method to literally stop them from cropping up in the first place.The process has begun and I know that today I am writing about being trapped emotionally, but there will come a day when I will write a blog which will be titled Free forever!

I know that and believe it totally that I will be free.”

Someone’s Perception

Loved these lines I read somewhere and would love to share them with all of you.

The words are:

Life always has new tasks for us. We
have to accept them and try to solve
them in the best possible way so that
we can live again with satisfaction.
Perhaps these tasks are there so that
we appreciate it again when we are
doing well.

How nicely these words summarize the basic crux of the lives of each one of us. This is what life is all about. All of us have challenges and we have to solve them in the best possible way. If we do that, only then do we derive an immense sense of satisfaction.

The best part of these lines is the second one, which is replete with positivity. The writer says that perhaps these challenges come our way so that when we look back at ourselves dealing with them and solving them satisfactorily, then we should appreciate ourselves and never forget those times even when we are doing well.

I was very inspired by these words. Do give them a thought.

Life’s Experience in Short

Life is like you are in a turmoil , if you unravel it and ultimately go past a huge hurricane of troubles and tribulations and taste sweet SUCCESS ,after settings things right,it is only then you realise that, Oh God!, I had faced this earlier and you share a small laugh with yourself ,that it was Life again, which was playing its usual hunky dory Game!!!!


I am a soul who is content

With no vested intent

Life gave me joy in abundance

As God’s blessings were there in semblance

I am like a little stream

Who flows with a bag full of dreams

At times that bag opens up

And I quickly gallop

To see my dream being fulfilled

And my eyes are filled

With a sense of satisfying joy

And I heave a sigh of relief and heart bounces with a flipping buoy

But then I counter a boulder

And I shiver and shudder

As I am hurt, pained and I suffer

As that boulder makes my heart and soul to shake with a jitter

I am at a loss, flummoxed and baffled

Thinking what to do as the pain leaves my mind befuddled

But then a quiet inner voice calls me

And tells me that bear with the pain and please hear me

This is Me and I am You

The cute, gentle but strong Me, who is always there with you,

And I am not alone,

As he is there with me, soothing my soul when You groan

So that is Me, and with You and Him, I am Me

I love Me as he has made Me


People reach places and continue on a journey of adventures and once you face a multitude of adventures, you feel stagnated and complacent.

At this time you are at a juncture of life when you feel that you have achieved a lot and you have reached that point, where you have got all that you aspired and worked hard for, you feel challenged, as the complacency sets in and you start relaxing and taking it easy.

At this juncture, you really need to delve deep into the purpose of each adventure that you had thought of and each goal that you have reached and then decide the further course of action. Life at this particular time is very challenging as you really do not know, that after all the zeal and enthusiasm with which you have thought of these goals, are you really poised to surge forward and muster up the required energy to work towards making those dreams a reality

This is the time when you are exhilarated, no doubt and the sense of victory clouds your thought processes and you feel, that now that the goals are set, so it will be a cakewalk to walk towards making those dreams a reality. But, here is the catch! When you think deeply and you weigh your options and see all the grueling hard work required to only start working towards those goals, you start getting the jitters and you suddenly feel that how am going to do all this!

Haha! That is the juncture at which I am in right now and I am feeling perplexed as to what on earth was going on in my mind when I thought of picking up such diverse goals and how on earth would I actually reach my targets and fulfill my dreams projects! Well well that is the fun, first, you think and then you decide and then you get the opportunity and then you think that now how do I work towards them!

Life has always been a roller coaster ride for me and I am not an impulsive person, who sets goals just as a whim or a fancy. I carefully think and plan and then set a goal, but I have a typical flaw in my nature that I take up multiple goals and when I get the opportunity to work towards those goals, I realize that they require a tremendous amount of hard work and this is the time when I feel the crunch and understand that how much effort I can put in achieving each goal.

Earlier I used to get lax and as I would lose interest in working towards all the goals together, as I would get exhausted, henceforth gradually, I would drop them one by one, and ultimately I would be left with nothing to do! But, this time I have decided that I would not repeat the same mistake, once again and I will work hard towards all the goals with complete sincerity and put in my best efforts and I am certain that after a period of time I will achieve the best of results on these individual goals.

This Juncture of my life is no doubt challenging and just like clockwork precision, I have faced similar scenarios time and again, but, this time around I am going to overcome this flaw of mine to be complacent and lazy after setting up goals. I am going to work hard and fulfill my dreams and I am sure that this time I will be successful in writing a new chapter in my life as a successful writer, teacher, and devoted social worker.


Life for me was a difficult struggle,

I craved for a snuggle,

I scavenged the dirt,

For a morsel in the pit,

I thanked God, the day I got,

A small little spot of morsel in the gutter sloth,

I was little as a puppy,

With joy in my eyes and I pranced around as a hippie,

Little did I know that life would be a war,

With the other street dogs who came from afar,

I ran and scrambled to find a reprieve,

But I could not believe,

That each day would be so difficult,

Just to survive without tumult,

I grew up thinking,

That my existence is no less than an inkling,

In this whole wide world,

Till my life transformed,

When I found Rohit who was alarmed,

To see my miseries,

And resolved to bring joy,

And I followed him in utmost buoy,

And I came into a new world

Where people were generous and kept their word,

In making my life healthy and meaningful,

I am now fully vaccinated, dancing and bountiful,

I thank my stars,

That now I dont have to struggle,

For a single huggle and a snuggle,

As I get lots of love

From each passers by and kind hearted ladies, whose hearts are a trove,

Of immeasurable love.



When I think of that word, then the feeling of being cozy and sheltered crosses my mind.

When you look around in this beautiful world, then you see animals and birds having their own world, where their primary existence is dominated with the sole purpose of existing, in the true sense, without actually having experienced the nuances of Life. They have a typical life of taking birth and struggling for survival and procreating, throughout their lives. They are nestled in the lap of nature and sustained and nurtured all through.

But, have you ever tried to observe humans and how they have lives that have a marked similarity, just as any other living being! I was taking a walk early in the morning and it suddenly flashed in my inner realm, that how this entire line of houses down the street are so similar to nests nestled in a tree! Just like a bird, each day any person ventures out to work, to provide for his family, and when, after a hard day’s work, he comes back home to his home, which is no less than a warm cozy nest, where he cuddles with his dear ones and thanks God for his existence.

Humans are way different than innocent birds and other animals, as they are constantly at daggers with other humans, and life for them is like a war, wherein they have to fight it out each day, with their fellow humans to make a place in this big bad world, as it is often called!

A typical day in any man’s life, whether he is an urban or a rural man, anywhere in the world, is replete with an intelligent crisscross journey on a knife’s edge, just to make a mark at his workplace to provide for his family. He does it each day in a mechanical fashion and his only reprieve is his family. When he comes back home after all the ruthless brickbats he faces at his office, he feels an utter sense of satisfaction and cuddles and nestles with his close ones.

Humans are different in many ways from other living beings, as they live lives full of self-absorption or generosity. Those people who think only of their well-being live a life, of making things for only themselves and continue pursuing their own selfish interests. But, those who live lives as large-hearted humans mostly have a lot of satisfaction and joy, as they enjoy giving and live through it, in making it worthwhile. But, what pains me is the sense of isolation that scores of humans have and how they are ruthlessly indifferent to the pain that other fellow humans feel, in a general sense.

Indifference to a person’s misery who lives right next door is the given norm in these modern times. One has a house and he has a family and he is nestled within its four walls of sheltered existence, but he fails to hear the wails and screams of a fellow neighbor who might be facing uncountable issues in his/ her life! I ask you my dear readers, that are you among those cruel neighbors who are inconsiderate to your fellow humans, or are you among those rare generous beings?

Being nestled and cared for is always something that all of us crave for and when we feel sheltered, we are nurtured towards leading a productive and useful life. So, we should lead a life of being content, not only in our own lives but also caring for our fellow beings, then, not only will we nestle in our own little nest, we will make this entire world a beautiful little nest where each one is living a life filled with love and affection.


What is love? When we try to actually find out what love is, we are baffled as we can’t pinpoint what love is. According to me, love is a very complex set of emotions, anyone has towards another individual or set of individuals.

    When you love someone, then either you love him or don’t love him. Now you will ask me that what does that mean? I want to say that when you love a person it is complete and no one can question it. But when you don’t love that person then no matter what you will not love the person, as love comes from the heart and no one force you to love anyone.

    When a man loves a woman or vice-versa, then love manifests itself in an entirely different way and the emotion is so strong that it lasts a lifetime and even after one of the partner expires the love that the person feels for the expired partner remains in the form of everlasting memories.

  When a young man falls in love with a woman he experiences vast changes in himself and all his thoughts and feelings are guided towards his amour, his love. Love happens when he sets his eyes on a woman who he considers very beautiful and when he can convey his emotions to her and connects with her mentally then finally he loses his heart out to her and then starts a long-lasting association between the two. Love is complete between the two if both the partners reciprocate to each other’s feelings in a befitting manner and love each other completely.

This kind of love is eternal and once a man loves a woman his love for her increases as time passes, as he explores different aspects of her personality and starts adoring her even more. Society brings them together in marriage and once that happens they start respecting each other and hoping for the best for each other. They live with each other and try to understand each other needs and requirements and the love between them makes things easier for both of them. Love makes it easier for them to sacrifice for each other’s happiness and they start living a life of fulfillment. It is love that makes them stand for each other in times of crisis.

  Love breeds goodwill and a sense of fulfillment in both the partners and when they learn to co-exist according to each other’s wishes they learn to tolerate other people also around them. The love between a man and woman evokes a positive feeling of general well-being not only for the man but also for the woman. So, whoever is in love is always a satisfied individual as they find a sense of security and ultimate happiness with their partner so they are able to share their happiness with the people around them as well.

I have discussed in length about the love of a man and a woman as this is the basis of humanity. It breeds procreation and all humanity has happened due to this love that happens between a man and a woman. Love is divine it is spiritual and every person experiences this emotion in some way or the other.