Why I love to write in my blog

Well I started blogging on,y for the reason to connect with people in a big way.I want to share my thoughts on any and everything,wthether it is kids,family,happenings in the world current affairs,the position of Indian women in our society and on various other issues as well.I am a caring and affectionate mother but at the same time I give my kids the space they need to nourish and flourish in their lives.In my blogs I would love to share my little precious moments I had shared with them in the growing years and ofcourse some other good and moments as well.I am looking forward to connect with like minded people who are broad minded in their thinking and with those who have a positive approach towards life.

My new blog

Today I have started blogging for the first time over here and I would love to share my experiences as a woman who has faced countless challenges in her life.But,I have enjoyed every moment of my life and I am looking forward to leading a satisfied and content life further on.All through these years I have seen many ups and downs but my belief in god has sustained me and nurtured me to move on in life and become the person that I am now.I am looking forward to blogging more about my thoughts and and aspirations and ofcourse my experiences.