Motherhood is a boon for any woman.When a woman becomes a mother then she experiences the most beautiful aspect of her life. When a woman first comes to know that she is pregnant and she is going to have a baby in a few months, then she is on the brink of the start of a lovely experience which will be a part of her life forever.When a woman carries her baby in her womb then she goes through an ethereal experience of being the closest to her baby in his nascent months when he has not even taken birth.When she first feels her baby moving inside her then the feeling is heavenly that cannot be expressed in words.

A baby brings a lot of joy in woman’s life. Her day starts with her baby and ends when her baby sleeps.Her baby’s smile makes her day and when her child takes his first steps then her heart jumps with joy. For a woman her child is her life and every single new development in her child makes her feel elated.For a mother who is bringing up her little bundle of joy, her child is the world for her and no matter how he looks whether fair or dark, for the mother her child is the most beautiful and the most attractive child in the world.

A mother is an epitome of sacrifice and when she brings up her child she never thinks that she is doing some duty or a favour to someone, she thinks that it is the most important job in the world for her.What she feels for her child is something which only she can feel and the child for whom she is having that feeling.Motherhood calms down the woman and makes her more mature and wiser and when she takes care of her child she feels so special and when her child smiles at her then she feels blessed and privileged.

For a child his mother is the most important person in his life and he really cares for her as she takes care of his every need and whim and fancy.When the mother and child are together then they don’t need anyone else as they are complet with each other. When the child cackles and laughs with his mother then it is the most beautiful sight to watch.The pair are always happy with each other and child knows that all his needs will be taken care of by the mother no matter what.

Every mother always takes care of her child, even when there are adverse situations she has to face while taking care of him. When the child is sick and the mother has to take care of the child then she never complains to anyone and she takes care of him despite facing all sorts of problems.Sickness of any kind whether it is short or long the mother is always there for her child.

Women who have kids with lifelong diseases such as a case of mental retardation or incurable diseases then the relation between a mother and the child reaches another level. A child with a abnormal brain is always very difficult to handle and it is only the mother who knows what is best for her child and she goes beyond her physical abilities in taking care of the child.

I have seen cases where very shockingly the woman leaves her disabled child forever only because she has social pressure and she cannot take care of the child! I had been to an institute where I saw a lot of women leaving their mentally retarded kids to the place and did not come back for hours to pick up their child.They just wanted to be away from their kids. For them their kids were like burdens and they did not have the heart to let go social pressure and take care of the child with their whole heart. I think somewhere deep down even they wanted to get rid of their mentally disabled child.

It is shocking that how can a mother be like this, when I heard of this I was shocked beyond words. A mother is an epitome of love and sacrifice and when she fails to do her duty then it not only shocking but also such a strange phenomenon that any normal person cannot understand as to why some women behave like this.

Motherhood is certainly a boon a privilege which given to us by God and we should always do our duty of bringing up our kids in the best possible way.When you are a mother you should understand that it is your moral duty to take care of your child no matter what. If the child is sick then it is not his fault, then why should a mother ignore him and leave him alone.

When you are a mother you should understand your duties and be a good mother as it is mother who actually makes the society. It she who rears her child ad teaches him how to be a good citizen. It is the values she gives to her child which makes a person in his life. A woman has to be very careful while rearing her child and it is good motherhood which makes a person’s whole life and his nature.

Henceforth whenever you become a mother you should realise that when you are bringing up your child you are doing a very important job and we should all do good job of it as it is our prime duty towards sour society.

The Other Woman(Story)

Manisha was an absolutely beautiful woman who was not only attractive but she was an intelligent woman too. The best part was that she not even aware of her beauty as she was not praised so much for it by her close ones. As she was humble, so her beauty lay within and she was very beautiful inside. She was a gem of a person who had a heart of gold, she was very generous and kind-hearted and had all the attributes to make a loving and adoring wife. Any man would be blessed to have such a gem of a person as his wife. Another feather in her cap was a very gentle nature and how she understood her circumstances and adjusted herself accordingly. She had a naturally sacrificing nature and when she sacrificed for her close ones, she never gave it a second thought as she felt it was her duty to do so.

When Manisha was of marriageable age, she never thought that how her husband should look like, she only wanted a good human being as her life partner. She was lucky to get married to a very nice person, who was a very good human being, who was very understanding and caring.When she got married she never thought that she would be so lucky to have such a good family, where she would get a lot of love and care and being in joint family she was showered with even more care and affection.

Life was beautiful for Manisha and things were really going on very well with her and her husband and they were  having a lovely time with each other during the day and night as well! Her life was like a dream any young woman would see for herself ,where she had all the joys in her lap. The only hitch which she faced was  the erratic work schedule of her husband. He was a workaholic and he hardly had time for her as he worked thirty days a month! When they had to go out for dinners she had to ask her husband days in advance before they finally went for that dinner. Despite all this things were going on very fine with Manisha and her husband, when suddenly one day things changed drastically.

Even though Manisha had always felt that her husband loved her completely, she used to feel that somehow her husband was not fully committed to her. She noticed that when it came to talking intimately or exchanging thoughts in a very personal way, her husband used to shy away and turned very indifferent suddenly. It was so strange as they were hardly married for about a few months and already there was this indifference. She could not pin-point as to what was the reason and why did her husband show this indifference towards her.

In the beginning she thought that maybe they were new to each other that is why he could not commit fully to her.As time passed the indifference grew and Manisha could not take it anymore ,though they were having a good sex life but, when there  are emotional walls between a husband and wife then things are never okay.One fine day Manisha decided to confront her husband and ask him as to what was wrong and why was he becoming indifferent towards her.Her husband was initially reluctant to tell her anything and told her that all her feelings were non confounded and he was not indifferent towards her and loved her a lot.But, when Manisha insisted and gave various examples when it was very clear that he had become indifferent, then he told her his story of his previous affair with a classmate and how he wanted to marry her and could not do so due to parental pressure.

Manisha was shocked and she could not utter a word when she heard her husband out and when he told her that he and his girlfriend had had a very painful breakup, she just broke down and really could not understand what to do. In the beginning she just retrieved into her shell and hardly spoke to her husband, though he tried to console her a lot but Manisha felt cheated and her first instinct was to leave her husband for a few days and go to her mother’s place and live there for few days days, before she came to terms with this new and life changing revelation.

She took about two or three weeks to recover and she comforted herself by just one thought that now her husband loved her and now when she was pregnant she had to be doubly careful with her thoughts and emotions as it could affect her unborn child adversely.She did not tell about this affair of her husband to her parents as she thought, that they might get worried. She decided to take up the matter with her husband full on and try and understand the problems he might have face when he had broken up with his girlfriend and now she felt it was her moral duty to support her husband despite all odds and give him all her love and care more so now. At least now she knew why her husband was indifferent and now with help of her balanced attitude and broad minded thinking she thought of talking out things with him and turning things in her favour.

Finally when she returned home she was six months pregnant and everyone in the family was doting on her and pampering her with all  her favourite foods and her husband, though he did look apologetic was very caring and affectionate towards her.That night she sat and talked out a lot of things with her husband and when he convinced her that, that woman was his past and now he would not be indifferent towards her, only then she heaved a sigh of relief and lay down in her husband’s arms and thanked  God that she could overcome this crisis in her life.

Only with the help of her balanced attitude and understanding behaviour she could remove the shades of the lingering memories of her husbands girlfriend in their life.It is difficult for any woman to even think that there is any woman in her husband’s life whether in the present or in the past but, if the woman is wise and takes a lot things into consideration then she can overcome the crisis in no time.


When she met God(Story)

Rati was a little cute girl who enjoyed every aspect of her life and lived it fully.She was a naughty kid who got a thrill in jumping over walls and scampering from one place to the other.She had a very secure childhood, where her parents loved her and she loved her sister and mother and everyone in return, she had a lovely life on the whole.She was a bright girl who was good in her studies, so she was loved and adored by her parents even more so. Rati had a lot of friends in her neighbourhood and she thoroughly enjoyed and played with them. On the whole she had a great life and she was a happy kid, her mother prepared tasty food and beautiful cakes on her birthday and also sewed lovely frocks for the party.

Rati had a very exciting life, she was more of an outdoor kid who loved playing outside with her friends and as a kid she was hardly aware as to what will her life be when she grows up. She was not aware that when she grows up she will have a very difficult life and the presence of God will be so crucial in her life, that she could not imagine a single moment without his presence around her. Although her family was of Hindus she did not see her mother doing the regular pooja and lighting of the diya in the home temple, as was the norm in most Hindu houses. But her parents strongly believed in God and the family used to visit the temple of a very popular God every year.Rati was also not exposed to the presence of God in a very strong way even with her friends, who were also kids as her, and they also did not mention the presence of God or even talked about it. Of course you will say which child talks of God as they hardly get time from play, but if kids are exposed to temples and other religious things, then they do talk about it.As time passed Rati grew up to be a smart, intelligent and energetic child. She had a lot friends and loved sports.One morning when she was about eight years of age she was feeling a little uneasy in her stomach.She was having a slight stomach ache but she did not bother very much as it was slight and she thought that after some time the pain would go away.

But after an hour or so the pain increased and became very severe and at that time all the kids had gone on the school ground for sports and she was all alone. She was in pain and she did not know what to do, when she suddenly saw her teacher enter the classroom.Her teacher asked her as to why she was in the class and had not gone for sports.She told her that her stomach was paining that is why she  was in the class.She could see how she was in pain as it writ large on her face.She sat down beside her and told her to close her eyes and when she did, she also closed her eyes and held her hand and lay it on her stomach and then when Rati opened her eyes surreptitiously, she saw her mumbling a prayer very quietly in whispers.She  just stared at her in surprise, as she really did not know what to do.After two or three minutes the pain just vanished! She was so surprised as it was her first experience with the presence of God! She could literally feel his presence around her, it was divine!  She had actually witnessed it and been a part of a miracle!

The experience was out of the world.At one moment she was in excoriating pain and the next moment the pain vanished, not to return again! That was the moment when she had met God, though not in person, but she had felt his presence in very strong way.The whole experience was life changing for her and now she could feel God all around her.The teacher had made her feel the existence of God in her life and on many occasions when she was in tricky situations she had seen how God had helped her and salvaged her out of those situations in a jiffy.

Once a close friend of her had tried to talk behind her back and told bad things about her to another girl and Rati had accidentally seen her doing that and when she complained to the teacher about this, the friend was punished her for doing a bad deed.On that day if Rati had not seen her friend talking to another girl and heard her telling bad things about her , then she would never have known the evil side of her friend.God has his ways of helping out his disciples and he does so in a very quiet way, which  always benefits them in the long run.

After this episode Rati had become a strong believer in God and she used to go the church everyday and lay a small rose at feet of the idol of Jesus Christ and then pray to him.She heard from someone, that if you want put flowers in temple or a church then you  should put them without smelling them as ,then they would be pure.One thing Rati noticed was that when she went to church she was all alone and hardly anyone of her friends came with her to the church and the kind of peace and solitude she felt when she was in the church praying and communicating with God was something which cannot be expressed in words.

She had met God in big way and God was now going to be a part of her life always and he was going to help her in her difficult life ahead, by solving her problems in difficult situations and making things easy when they looked very difficult for her. Rati did have a tough life but with the presence of God everything seemed to be so easy and wonderful!


A Day in my Life

 I start my day at six in the morning when I wake up and then rouse my kids from sleep from school.They get ready while prepare their milk ,lunch and breakfast .After I drop them to school I come  back, relax for sometime with the newspaper and a cup of tea.and I put on the news on the television too. By doing so I open up myself to the happenings of the previous day.I really enjoy this part of the day as I am undisturbed and I calmly read the various happenings in solitude.

    At around eight or eight thirty my husband wakes up and he starts his daily activities of getting ready for office.While he is getting ready I prepare his breakfast and after he leaves I settle down with my laptop.I start checking my blog status and check my mails and during that duration the doorbell keeps ringing with the dhobi, milkman and the maids coming in.After the maids start their work, i settle down with my blogging and writing stories.

   I must say that the satisfaction I get in writing is immense and because I have no disturbance I am able to write even more efficiently.After about two hours I go for a walk in the nearby park and after that I come back and freshen up.Then I have my lunch and then I watch some TV.After that my daughter comes back at two o’clock and then i give her her lunch.After that we sit and chat with other talking about our day and after an hour my son comes back from school.I give him lunch and then he changes clothes and starts watching some TV.

   I then come to my bedroom and start reading some book and listening to some music.After about an hour, son comes to me with his home work  and after he completes his work, he rushes off to the neighbouring park and I sit with a cup of tea and a magazine.The my maids come and I get the evening work done and after that my son comes back from the park and then my husband comes back from work.i give him tea and then we sit and chat after that he sits with his alptop and completes his work of the office and I start laying out the table for dinner.

  At around  eight thirty we have dinner and then we all go for a walk and after returning we all sit and chat and chill out before retiring to bed.

   I know my daily routine is not too exciting, but that is a day in most of our families.Things become exciting only when there is festival or an occasion to celebrate,but normal routine are just the one which I have above.


I am Angry

Today I am really angry, as for no reason I am being insulted and blamed for no fault of mine.If you were in my place even you would be angry as it is a very peculiar situation for most of us.I feel so agitated that someone is trying to overpower me and rule my decisions and discretions whereas actually they have no power and damn authority to do so!

  It really feels bad when someone tries to dominate you and tries get you to do things even though those things are not in your power.It feels bad that how can anyone stoop to such low levels when their desire or wish is not fulfilled and then when they listen to a no then they feel let down and insulted for no reason.I think this is the worse that anyone can do.After all what authority does anyone have to make someone do anything.Actually these are mentally deranged people who are living under this illusion that they are the best and everyone else will do everything according to their whims and fancies.

   I am shocked at their immaturity and the narrow mindedness.They don’t have a heart to take a no for an answer and when they actually listen to a no they can’t believe it and the worse part is that they start insulting and hurling irrelevant abuses which have no base at all. I feel pitiful towards these kinds of people as I feel that they are entangled in their own trap throughout their lives and most of the time they end up as being recluses and losers in their lives!

   If I actually have to analyse them closely, then I feel that they are truly very weak inside and that is the reason they have a false facade on the outside to show the people that they are strong but inside they are very weak and scared of the world.

  Anyways whatever is the reason I feel relieved after writing this blog and telling that I am angry and you will be surprised that now I am not angry anymore!    


 What is pain? Well if I have to define what pain is, in simple terms then it is the feeling of discomfort when you get hurt anywhere on your body.It is the message given by your mind that some part of your body is uncomfortable, it has been hurt. But pain in the larger sense is the most predominant feeling in a person’s life. It is pain which evokes sadness, grief and desperation. Now you will ask me how can one  feeling of pain evoke such varied kind of sad emotions. Pain is such an intense emotion that when you think about it a host of varied visions cross your mind.

    You might think of the pain you felt when you lost your lover to death or to someone else, you  might think of the pain you felt you felt when you lost one of your beloved, your son, daughter or parent or grandparent or any other close one. You might also think of the pain of being neglected and ignored in love, you might also think of the pain you are feeling as your close one is suffering due to a disease or an ailment. You might think of the pain you might have felt when justice was denied to you and you did not get justice due to a wrong committed towards you.

    So, pain manifests itself in such magnitude in your life that sometimes you don’t even realise that you are in the midst of such intense pain as it numbs your sense of time and you tend to stop measuring the time duration in which you were in pain. Like an expecting mother who is in labour pain can never actually make out that how long has she been writhing in pain and waiting for her baby to be delivered.

    Pain, when I come to think of it as a child, then, I would only think of the physical pain I felt when I got hurt anywhere on my body. I can also think of the pain I felt when I lost a race even though I tried my best. I still remember vividly how I slipped and fell and I came second in a race on my sports day of the school. I still remember the pain I felt when someone else was given more importance than me, that really pained, as I felt that I was in no way lesser than the other.

    As I grew up I started feeling the pain when a friend spurned my advances for friendship, just because she found me less attractive. It pained and it pained badly when I was wrongly implicated of doing things which I had not actually done. Like when I was blamed of hurting someone powerful whereas actually I had not and because of the fact that I was scared of that person I did not openly say that I had not hurt him or her.

   I have seen people in pain when their close ones have been sick. There was this friend of mine who had a mentally challenged daughter. She was is constant pain as she could do nothing to cure her daughter, though she was brave enough to bring up her daughter in a very positive manner, as she never felt that her daughter was lesser than any other child. She took her child out to every party and outing and was never ashamed that she had such a daughter, but her whole family was in constant pain,In pain because they could not cure the child and had to see her suffer everyday. This is such an intense pain which any parent goes through when his child is sick that no other pain equals this pain.

   This same pain is experienced by any person who sees his close one suffer due to disease or any other reason.The close one can suffer due to fact that he has been jilted in love and he can never come out of the shock, it can be the pain of a close one when he is depressed and suffers everyday. When a close one suffers then your heart bleeds and it becomes even more intense when you are helpless and you can do nothing about it. Pain that is felt when you see you own close one in pain is even more painful than the pain which you feel for yourself.

   Pain is also felt when justice is denied to you. Like if you are wronged due to some reason, someone powerful has hurt you and when the time has come for him to be punished then you can’t do anything as he is very powerful. This kind of pain quietly enters your life ,when for years you struggle against this powerful person and you become helpless as no matter how much you try, you can’t do anything as he is very powerful and law is also on his side. There is a saying that “justice delayed is justice denied”, but during the time it is delayed you feel intense pain as you feel all the doors are closed and you can never find justice.

   The people who face this situation where justice is denied to them become very disappointed as things are not turning around as they want them to turn around, but the positive factor of facing so much pain is that they become more powerful and determined and as time passes they become more strong and they want to defeat their adversary no matter what.

   Pain is also felt when your child does not live up to your expectations and he is not as successful in life as he should be.You also feel pain because of child when he turns out to be selfish and does not take care of his parents when he grows and becomes independent.

   When a lover is jilted by his paramour then the pain is very intense and sometimes the one who is jilted cannot come out of this pain in his entire life! To be rejected in love is a very intense pain and when a person faces that pain then at times he is even driven to take his life! Henceforth a person should be sensible enough that if you are rejected in love then you should not lose your rationale and let good sense prevail and do things which will not harm you and none of your resulting actions should be the cause of pain for any of your close ones.

   Now if I try to really go into the details of the vast range of things which cause pain to any of us then I will write so much that you will feel bored at a certain stage, so let me leave it at this stage and I am sure all of you might have understood how pain manifests itself in so many different ways in our lives.No matter how it manifests itself, pain should not rule your life in such a way that you lose your sense of judgement. One should understand that pain is there in every person’s life and the wise person is that who takes it in his stride and becomes stronger and faces it with all his might and comes out victorious after facing it with grit and determination.

   Pain is there in various forms and because it is there we can understand what is the meaning of pleasure and when we feel the pleasure after a long phase of pain, then and only we understand the intensity of the pain in which we were. When we are going though pain, we are like facing a storm, but when the pain recedes, it is then that we realise that how much pain we were facing. So we should face pain bravely and as time passes we will come out of it and enjoy the pleasures of life.


The Story of Ramya

This story starts on a traffic light where there is a mother and a daughter in a car.There is tension in the air and the mother is very worried as to what her daughter will do in the near future.Mohini the mother, an attractive looking woman, is a worried woman today as she is helpless with regard to the present situation her daughter has created for herself.Ramya the daughter of Mohini is an independent, smart and extremely intelligent girl, who believes in taking decisions for her life and does not like anyone interfering in her life even if that person is her mother or her father.

Ramya had been a hosteller since childhood and was used to being on her own since years and now when she had to take certain important personal decisions, she did not feel that she had to give any importance to what her parents were telling her to do, or what were the social norms.Ramya was a hard- working and intelligent student who scored well in her exams and after she completed school and college, she found a lucrative job in New Delhi and was looking forward to a new life ahead along with her boyfriend and a new job.

Everyone in Ramya’s family especially her mother were absolutely shocked as to what should they do or say with regard to Ramya’s decision of living-in with her boyfriend.Her family was a respected and well- to- do family in society and if the daughter of the family takes such   a drastic decision of living -in with her boyfriend and not marrying him, then it was something which was very difficult to digest for anyone who knew the family and for the values for whuch they stood for.It was something unimaginable as the family had orthodox and conservative values and the traditional way of marrying and settling down in life was the accepted norm . So, when Ramya thought of moving in with her partner and then living in the same city where she was born and brought up and where everyone knew her closely,then everyone was not only shocked but very sad and disappointed with her.

No matter how much India progresses and no matter how much Indians call themselves broad-minded in the present scenario,somewhere deep down Indians are conservative and they cannot accept the fat that a girl and boy should live-in together without getting married.Ramya had taken the decision after a lot of thinking and discussing things out with her boyfriend.She was in a

job which required a lot of travelling and she wanted to make sure that despite her hectic job, her boyfriend, who may become her future husband , would not have any problems with her job and her lifestyle after marriage.Moreover even when she would be in town, she would have an equally hectic lifestyle as she had huge friend circle and she was used to partying and clubbing.Only because she was marrying her boyfriend, or living in with her partner, she did not want to change her lifestyle at any cost as she loved it a lot.

Ramya did not want to have ugly fights with her boyfriend or future husband over her hectic lifestyle of travelling for her job and her partying ways.She was wise enough to let her boyfriend , be aware of her life after  marriage, so that he is mentally prepared for it and he adjusts according to it.If you view it from Ramya’s point of view then you will feel that she is right and whatever she is doing in living in with her partner, but when you view from a social point of view then you will not support Ramya,especially if you are an Indian.

Nowadays I know that the present generation has set up a new set of values according to their convenience, like the “No strings attached”, relationship where the girl and boy are

only together for sex and and they are not answerable to each other for any of their actions.But, still there is a huge proportion of youngsters who still follow the regular norm of marrying and then settling down, though there are more love marriages than arranged marriages, now, but that is alright as long as the girl and boy are happy.

Coming back to the story, Ramya was having this discussion of moving in with her boyfriend the next day in the car with her mother, to whom she was very close and Mohini was not able to convince her daughter that getting married was very important as it was socially acceptable.She told her daughter that if things did not go right with her boyfriend and she would have to leave her boyfriend or her boyfriend leaves her due to some differences, then no one would come forward to marry Ramya as any person would want a previously unattached woman as his wife and not a woman who was already in a live-in relationship with a boy.

Things were complicated and no one not even Ramya knew what would happen in the future and the family was facing flak from all sides as they were not able to convince Ramya to not move in with her boyfriend.They could not force her also as she was an adult and law was on her side and they could not do anything and they were helpless.

The big question was as to now what would happen.Would Ramya have a peaceful and exciting life with her boyfriend, or would her boyfriend leave her midway and then what would happen of Ramya.If the live-in arrangement was successful and Ramya would tell her parents that she wanted to continue living-in for five more years before she actually marries her boyfriend, then would her family accept her decision and during this time if she has a baby then what would be the future of the baby without a legal name to the relationship of his parents.

Well as luck would have it Ramya did have the initial hick-ups in her relationship with her boyfriend. She was not expecting certain things which her boyfriend did related to some situations and she was shocked as to how he behaved in a certain way with regard to other situations.She was pleasantly surprised when her boyfriend cooperated with her in every way when she travelled and understood her job pressures in a very understanding way. The things that shocked her were, the way he was possessive of her when she had  to party late night, sometimes with friends and sometimes with office colleagues.He wanted her to be home on time and spend time with her and not spend most of her weekends with her friends and colleagues.She had thought that her boyfriend was broad-minded and he would accept her lifestyle.But she was wrong and when all the matters were clear in between them and things could not reach a compromise, then they parted ways as expected.

Thankfully she did not have a baby during this time, but this whole experience made her wiser and she understood the meaning of marriage in a relationship. She understood the security of a family when you get married and how it is not only the girl and boy who get married but also the families get related with each other.The two families provide a lot of support to both the girl and the boy and they lead a happy and content life together with each other for the coming years.She also understood that after marriage every woman has to change herself according to the situation and she cannot continue living the same life as she did when she was unmarried, unless she has has a like-minded husband who also lives the same lifestyle as hers.

She finally understood the wisdom in her mother’s words and she told her that she was ready to settle down in her life with a boy of their choice or if she did fall in love with another boy then she would marry him and then settle down in marital harmony with him.




I am really sad today.Now you will ask me that what has made me sad. There is not one reason but many reasons. When a person feels lost and lonely and absolutely unwanted and neglected, then you feel sad, like I am feeling sad at this moment.It is not that I have not experienced this emotion anytime earlier in my life, I have experienced it countless times and mostly in similar situations.

    It is this constant feeling of feeling unwanted and the feeling of being helpless in the face of it.I have always been a very strong person and even the most adverse situations have seen me in total control of myself. But whenever I face this situation of feeling unwanted and uncared for, I feel totally helpless and I really don’t know what to do.

   I am feeling so sad, that my soul is crying out to God and asking as to why am I subject to so much sorrow.Where have I gone wrong and where does my fault lie.Time will change and things will become better that is the only hope, but now after all this time I seem to have lost hope and I know I will face this indifference all through my life.

  When you feel sad then everything around you does not seem to have any meaning.I have been facing this kind of sadness since the last so many years and when I try to evaluate, as to what is the reason behind it then I fail to understand what is the reason.Maybe I had hurt someone in my previous birth, so maybe because of it I have to continuously face the same situation again and again.

   Sometimes life is so complex and things are so complicated that no matter what effort you put, you have to face desperation and disgust every time.I don’t why but other than my childhood. life has been particularly difficult for me when it came to certain relations.When I changed cities then I had troubles facing different situations with different relations.I have had so many disappointments in my life that I feel that maybe something is wrong with me that I always get sadness and desperation in return.

  I am not saying that I have not had happy moments in my life but when I think of my past and to some extent my present too, then I feel that there is strong undertone of sadness below all the good picture which is portrayed in front of the world.It is not that I have not tried to improve things so that I am not faced with the same situation of disgust every time, I have tried but somehow I have not got the desired results after all the changes I have made and so I have to face same situation again and again.It is a vicious circle which keps repeating itself.

  Sadness has become such an integral part of my life that now I feel that nothing can change for the better ever.I have lost all hope and now I don’t want to change anything. I just want to keep quiet and wait and watch and see what will happen in the coming phase of time.My sadness has taken the shape of a never ending grief and I now seem to have no hope that things will change, though a part of me feels that things will change as I am die-hard optimist, but still that hope for change is very less.

  A part of me feels that all this present situation is just a passing phase and as time passes things will change drastically and I will eventually forget all sorrow, but I really don’t know when that will happen.I have made certain resolutions and I will change certain things in my life, but I am having doubts as to whether those changes will bring about any positive change in my life or no.

  Well lets see that is life, it presents before you  various challenges and when you pass that phase of challenges, you become more mature and wiser, I think God wants me to learn certain things in life the harder way, that is why he has his ways of teaching me this.I feel I have understood his message and I will try and make things better so I don’t face this situation which makes me sad again and again.









Joy is a fabulous emotion and when you feel it you feel euphoric.It is sometimes momentous and at other times it lasts for a long time.It shows on the face of an innocent child when he gets his favourite toy from his father and it also flashes on his face when he gets a small toffee from his friend!That is the miracle of this emotion called joy.As they say the little drops of water make an ocean in the same way little drops of joy make the large feeling of happiness!

     Joy, the word itself is so positive and it brings a smile to your face and whenever anyone feels joyous not only him but the people around him feel happy and joy is spread out everywhere around him.A mother feels joyous when she first looks at her child smiling at her and even when she sees her child taking his first step!This joy is incomparable with any other joy and I know that every mother experiences it and only she can tell how she feels when she first sees her child doing unforgettable things during his childhood.

   Joy plays on the face of a winners face when he wins a match or a race, that joy is a joy which not only makes him joyous but also his country and his close ones.Every person experiences this emotion of joy on many occasions and when you work hard for a long duration and then you finally achieve what you want from yourself then that joy is ultimate.It is the win over his physical self, it is the win despite all the odds, it is the win after endless hours of tremendous hard work and when you finally achieve what you wanted to after years, then that joy is something which cannot be compared with any other joy in any sportsperson’s life.

  Joy and admiration also shows on a person’s face when he sees his beloved looking really lovely and that joy is not only joy, it is the feeling of being happy to be the part of a person’s life who he loves dearly and when that person looks lovely and smiles at him then that person feels an entirely different kind of joy.Love evokes that feeling of joy and it is not momentary it keeps on growing as time passes by and years keep piling up.

  Joy is an ethereal feeling it is divine and when there is joy in a person’s life then the person’s life is full of satisfaction and contentment.After all how does a person get joy?Well that depends from person to person as to what makes him happy.A poor and hungry man will show joy on his face when he gets food from someone, or he is able to earn that food after a lot of toiling and hard work.

   On the other hand a rich man will be joyous when he achieves success in his work or his wife will be happy when she gets a diamond ring from her husband! What I want to say is that joy is a feeling which every person feels but, when he will feel that joy, that totally depends on the person and how he feels about things and what will make him happy.Every person has his own level of feeling content and happy and whenever he feels content and happy and achieves what he wants to achieve then he experiences that feeling of joy and this joy is lon lasting.

  Momentary joys are joys which come and go in flashes, such as a smile when you see something good or pleasant.These joys are like little droplets of life in any person’s life and they make a person’s life meaningful and happy.If you are feel joyous with your partner and he makes you smile and feel happy then your life is full of contentment.Little joys come in your family the form of happy moments in between family members and siblings.They can also come in between friends and relations and it is these happy moments which make your life worth living and meaningful.

  Henceforth to sum it up joy or the feeling of joy is a gift from God and every person feels this emotion in his lifetime and it this emotion that keeps him going even in tough times.God blesses every person with this feeling of joy at sometime or the other in his life, though for some this feeling of joy is less while for others it is more and I have never been able to understand as to why God gives more joy to some and less to others.But whatever it is joy makes a person’s life worth living.





An Old Man and his Produce(Story)

In a small village called Junapur there lived an old man by the name of Jeevan Ram.He was around sixty years old, but still he was a very active and vibrant man for whom age did not matter.He loved life and was a hard worker and he felt that if a person worked hard then, he can achieve anything in life.

Jeevan Ram was a farmer and he cultivated wheat in his field for a living.He was a married man and he had two daughters who were of marriageable age.In India, when a poor farmer has daughters, then it is a matter of great worry for the father, as he has to arrange for a large amount of money for their marriage and for the dowry.Jeevan Ram was never worried about arranging money for his daughters as he believed in his ability in working hard and saving for them.But life had other plans for him that year, which was a crucial year as both his daughters were supposed to be married that year.

It was the month of August and the rain gods were in their happiest moods and they were showering the village of Jeevan Ram with a lot of rains.He was pleased as he had planted his fields with the best of seeds and had put the most expensive fertiliser in his field such that he would be able to harvest a bumper crop, when the crop is ready to be harvested.Jeevan Ram had worked very hard on his field this time, as not only his life but the future of his daughter’s lives also depended on the crop.Whatever profit he would earn form his produce, would help in paying up for the dowry of his daughter’s marriage and for his future as well.

He prepared the soil and tilled the land with double the effort and despite his age he worked as hard as he could along with the help of his wife and daughters.He took a heavy loan from the bank so that he could cultivate his soil with the best of seeds and used the best of fertiliser so that he gets a good bumper crop.Thankfully he had large piece of land to cultivate his crop, so he could expect a lot of profit from his yield through it.

Jeevan Ram had faced a lot of difficulties before cultivating this crop.He was sick for a long time and a lot of money was spent on his treatment such that he becomes alright. This sickness had given him a lot of tension as he had not only became weaker in health but he also had to spend all his savings in his treatment.By God’s grace his health improved by July and he regained his former physical strength in a months time around August when he cultivated his land for the crop.

I am talking in detail of all the hardships Jeevan Ram faced in order to cultivate the land as you will be surprised when you see what he will do later in this story.You have to understand that how even after facing so many hardships he had taken certain very surprising decisions later on in the coming months.

Jeevan Ram had a very close friend called Mangesh Prasad. He was his friend since his childhood days.When after a few months Jeevan Ram reaped a bumper crop from his field, then Mangesh Prasad helped him in selling of the crop such that he gets good money for his crop.It was a sunny day and both the friends set off to the city market so that they sell off their crop to the dealer who was located there.They carried the sacks filled with the crop in small truck and went to the city and on the way they were chatting happily about the good produce and how Jeevan Ram would be able to marry off his daughters with pomp and show and would have no worries at all.

Both the friends reached the city market and unloaded the sacks of grain and went to meet the dealer in the shop.They had to wait at the shop as the dealer had gone somewhere and the person at the shop said that the dealer would come in about half an hour.Both the the friends sat quietly in the shop and talked in hushed tomes, but very excitedly, that now finally they would  get good money for the crop.Suddenly they saw a sad looking man enter the shop.He came and sat next to them and he looked very sad and forlorn.Jeevan Ram asked him what was wrong.The man said that he was in big soup as he had lost all his crop when he was bringing it over there to the shop.The truck which was carrying his produce had suddenly vanished and he had done everything to locate it, but failed to do so, despite the fact that he had reported to the police , but nothing happened.The truck was apparently robbed by some very prominent crop robbers who very active in that area.

Jeevan Ram and his friend were shocked to hear this man’s story.They were at a loss as to what they should tell to this man so that he feels comforted and he does not feel so sad and broken.Jeevan Ram was particularly shaken as he could understand the man’s plight as he felt that if he had lost his produce then what would happen to him!Jeevan Ram asked him as to now what he would do.The man pleaded in front of him and told him to give him the money of his produce and told him that he would give in writing that he would repay the entire amount in one weeks time.But because at that time the man had to pay his moneylender very urgently therefore he wanted Jeevan Ram to  give him the money which he gets from the produce and he assured him that he would return the money in a weeks time.

He told him that he would give him his correct address and phone number and would give in writing that he would return the money in a weeks time after borrowing from his friend who lived in another city and it was not possible to go to him fast and get the money that is why he was asking the money from Jeevan Ram, who would get the money for his crop from the dealer.But now if he did not get the money then the moneylender could even have him killed.It was a do or die situation for the man and now Jeevan Ram was in a fix as to what he should do.He was a compassionate man who helped people in need but, now when he faced this situation he really did not know what to do.On the one hand there was this man who was total stranger but, he was in distress and he was pleading to Jeevan Ram to help him as a fellow compatriot.He consulted his friend and the friend told him not to comply to the man’s wishes and he felt that the man was an impostor and was trying to cheat him off his his hard earned money.

Jeevan Ram’s friend was very angry that he had given the entire amount of money to a stranger on humanitarian grounds and now he was asking that how would he get his daughters married and what about this future.Jeevan Ram said that if God had desired him to help this man, then he was glad that he had helped this man in distress.Both the men came back to their village and they faced a lot of flak for what they had done in the city market.They could not understand that how could a man give away his entire hard earned money to a total stranger and they were all of the same opinion that this stranger had cheated Jeevan Ram.But Jeevan Ram could not forget the honesty in the man’s eyes and he knew that he had not been cheated.

After a week when Jeevan Ram was preparing for going to the stranger’s village to take the money back from him they were in for a surpriise, the man had himself come to village to return the money and when he met Jeevan Ram he was delighted and he gave him back not only the amount he had borrowed but three times the amount, as he was other wise a very rich farmer but he was in a very difficult situation when he had met Jeevan Ram.He had large fields in his village and he was only waiting for the money to come and in villages money comes slowly only afer they sell their produce which happens even more slowly after a lot of speculation and hassling.

Jeevan Ram was delighted to get back so much of money and thanked God for his good luck.The man left after thanking him again and all of Jeevan Ram’s relatives gathered together and apologised to have doubted him and thanked God for the good luck that favoured him and he got triple the amount of money for his generosity.

There is saying that if you donate one bag of gold you will get back a hundred bags in return.What I want to say is that generosity done in a true spirit is always repaid by God double fold as in this story Jeevan Ram got three fold of what he gave and he was able to marry off his daughters decently and most of all his belief in God strengthened and he felt that in this big bad world there is still  substantial percentage of good people who don’t cheat innocent people.