Irreparable Loss

Life is so unpredictable, it brings untold joy and at other times it gives unbearable loss.I was always under this illusion that I am the blessed one, that I won’t lose anyone dear to me ever. 

But whe I lost my dear one I was shocked and dumbfounded and so confused that I really did not know what to do. I mean I questioned the Lord Almighty as to why me , why me after all. 

You know when life presents such challenges in front of you it is only then you realize, that how dear and important that person was to you. Death teaches you, it teaches you that don’t take anything for granted and don’t think that anything or anyone will be by your side forever  .

It hurts you and hurts you so badly that it leaves an indelible mark on your heart.It feels like a cold draft of wind has hit you in the face and swept you off your feet and left you groping on the ground.

There is a constant pinch in your heart that Oh God what has just happened,is it really true or just a bad dream. But when reality strikes, it then you realise that yes you have lost Someone, someone who really mattered to you.

Now no matter what you can’t get that person back, but yes the pleasant memories and thoughts keep haunting you say and night and you just can’t shrug them off.

I used to see others mourning and I would calmly comfort them, but little did I realise that if I go through the same then how will I feel.

As time passes the pain remains and it will stay as it is irreparable and irreplaceable.The only affirmation is that now let us join together and make a reassuring new world where all the desires and dreams of the departed one is fulfilled.

It is no doubt difficult, but conscious efforts always make things easier.