A Sigh

How do you feel, when you are caught in a whirlpool of innumerable, challenging circumstances and you literally juggle with all of them at once and then at the end of it, how do you feel? You heave a Sigh. A sigh of relief and satisfaction, that once again you did it!

That is how I am feeling right now, feeling satisfied and sighing with a sense of victory and joy! This sigh is so deep, that it is touching my soul, as, the challenges were literally questioning my very existence and all that I believed to date.

Every breath I take, makes me feel ecstatic and brimming with joy, when I see myself now, after this victory and I pat myself on my back and congratulate myself, that despite all odds, I could find my way out and emerge, just in the way I wanted to.

Life has always thrown numerous challenges, at me and I have, with the help of my deep faith in God, sailed through effortlessly! But, this particular set of challenges, where my very existence and my pre-conceived notions were questioned, was the toughest of them all!

I was confused, baffled, totally non-plussed, as to what should I do now. But, I gathered all my courage, as time passed and finally after days of mental turmoil, I am now filled with satisfaction, heaving a deep, happy and victorious sigh.

Victory is sweet and this kind of victory, where you solve all your issues mentally makes you feel ethereal!