This is the most oppressive curse on humanity and all those who face this kind of atrocity they are bound to face a lot of hardships in their life. I am one of the lucky ones who have been born into prosperity and and good household, but when  I think of all those people who face poverty then I feel full of sympathy and disgust at the same time. Sympathy because I cannot do anything substantial for them and disgust because their condition does not seem to improve no matter what.

   Poverty is something which is got by your destiny or by your own doing and actions. I sometimes wonder what  is the reason that one person is blessed with all the luxuries and the other person is deprived of them even though there is no fault of his.

   The other day I saw a poor man who was walking by in the evening and he looked so tired an forlorn in his condition that my heart went out to him. He was wearing stained and tattered clothes and he was carrying a small gas cylinder with him. He looked so tired that he was just waiting to get home and cook a meal for himself on the gas cylinder and then slump down to deep slumber of satisfaction.

   This the life of practically every hard-working labourer in the cities and these poor people work hard in constructing houses and buildings and they dont even have the blessing of having a meal with peace and tranquility. Poverty is a curse for these kinds of people and the most depressing part is that they cant even think of coming out of this curse as they don’t seem to have any objection to the kind of life they they are having and they seem to be satisfied in their lifestyle.

   When you come to think of it then you realise that there is a particular hierarchy of the social structure and it is due to this hierarchy that the people do what they have to do. Those who are poor do their job providing for the rich and it is vice versa. But again when you come to think of it closely then this structure is so closely interwoven that no matter how much they try they cant come out of this vicious circle.

  Only in exceptional cases there are people from the poorer who work hard and educate themselves and they bring themselves out  of this vicious circle and then they also become very privileged and a happy lot. But this happens in very rare cases and all those are able to come out of it  always feel blessed and they never forget their roots no matter how much they reach higher in their lives.

  Poverty is the biggest curse for humanity as it can bring about good as well bad aspects in people and it all depends on the circumstances of the people and how they react to them. That is the reason how socially harmful elements are created and this the reason poverty can be potentially harmful for the society.

  Henceforth poverty should be tried to be eradicated form the society to provide a better future to he people and it the society. Though it is very difficult to do so but if it is possible it will be a boon for humanity.


Loneliness is a very depressing feeling which anyone can ever have. I have experienced this in a very major way and in various dimensions. This usually happens when despite the fact that you are close to someone, but still you feel that emotion, as you are constantly ignored and the other person to whom you are close to, is not even aware of it.It can happen in marriages, it can happen in friendships and it can surely happen in relationships. In this blog I will try to explore the various reasons of loneliness and how they effect the person involved.

   When two people come together in marriage , then they have this prominent emotion of togetherness. They come together for this basic reason, but when due to some reason they fail to provide that feeling of togetherness, then it is at that time that loneliness sets in. In a marriage giving company to each other is extremely important, as it is the basis of their relation and it takes them a long way together. But if among the two there is the barrier of a proper communication, then the result can be disastrous for any one of them.

   If one partner ignores the other then the other partner starts feeling lonely and unwanted, bu the worse happens when it is not only this, the other partner also criticises and slams his partner to no end and makes her feel miserable. There is a sheer feeling of desperation and helplessness and the worse part is that the person involved is not even aware of the plight of his partner. In this situation the loneliness weighs very heavily on the person and no matter how much he or she tries he cannot come out of this feeling of loneliness. If there are kids in this marriage then there some respite, but otherwise life is hell for the person.

    Loneliness is such an empowering feeling that it makes the person involved feel very helpless and unwanted. The desperation  felt is unparalleled to any other emotion. When a person feels lonely then feels that he is engulfed in such an intense darkness that he feels lost and totally without any direction in life. In life generally small happy moments matter a lot and it is these happy moments which make life worth living, but when you are deprived of these happy moments in your life, it is then that loneliness sets in in a big way.

   Loneliness can be prevalent among friends too and here again if one ignores the other due to any reason then again loneliness sets in. It is felt even more badly when the person sees other friends in happier times. It really pinches badly as then you see how the others are enjoying and you cant as your friend is not ready to give you that time and companionship. Any kind of loneliness in this situation is very depressing and full of frustration. When two friends come together, they come together as they basically like each other very strongly and it is this strong feeling that keeps both of them together, but when when despite the liking the friends are not able to spend time with each other, then loneliness sets in.

   Another very prominent place where you can see loneliness is within the relationships of parents and kids. Parents very lovingly bring up their kids and they are so happy in a family and content in their space that they feel very happy with each other. But as time passes and the kids grow up then things change for the kids, as now they have certain new priorities and because of them they cannot give so much of time to their parents.

   This a very crucial time for the parents, as they are now in such a position, that they have struggled enough in their lives and got what they wanted but, the kids are still starting out in their lives and this is where the clash sets in. The parents still want their kids to remain their same and they still want their kids to give them all the time they ask for and when the kids are not able to do so, it is then that loneliness sets in in the lives of the parents. Life assumes a very slow and relaxed pace, as there is no hurry for anything now and the parents now start living for each other. It is the expectations which the parents have from their kids that is basic reason for the conflict between them. If the parents stop expecting anything from the kids then they will be more satisfied in their lives.

    Children nowadays are having a very fast paced life and they hardly have time for each other, so in these times the parents should think that if the kids are not able to give time to their parents, then it reasonable and understandable.Parents should be happy in their space, if they want to keep loneliness at bay. If they are content with their lives and they dont have any expectations from their kids, only then they can keep loneliness at bay.

  In any person’s life loneliness is prevalent only when they have too many expectations in life . Therefore a person should try to be content and satisfied in life and even if there is loneliness , due to any reason he will not feel it so badly, as the contentment will always prevent it from overpowering him.If through communication, you are able to remove the loneliness due to that person then there is nothing like it,  but if not then the best part is to accept it and live a life of contentment rather than cribbing that why is there so much of loneliness. I know it is very difficult to be alone and feel unwanted but, that is life and we should accept every phase of it with open arms.


The Usual Hum drum of Family Life

When a person gets married, then he gets a god gift of a family. This family gives him all the security, love and affection and when he looks around him he feels satisfied that after all the struggle in his life, he has attained something really fruitful and long lasting. A family is an institution which is like a fort in itself and it has the walls of affection and care around it at all times. When you are a part of a family then you feel so wanted and cared for, that whenever you face problems in the outside world then you look into your family for solace and ultimate comfort. That is the marvel of living in a family.

   After all when you try to give it a deeper thought, then you will feel that how does a family come into being and how and what are basic factors of making it successful and fruitful in the log run.Well, if you try to think of the beginning of a family, then you will know that when the two individuals think of coming together in holy matrimony, then that is the time when the seeds of togetherness and a long lasting relationship is established.When they come together then it is the fine tuning and staunch bonding of the couple , that will decide their future.

   Both the woman and the man should understand their priorities and they should state very clearly as to what they want from each other. Once the foundation of their relationship is established then that is the start of a bonding which makes the entire structure of the family possible. So, it is this bonding which decides whether a family will be strong and it will have something to fall back on when times are rough.It is here that the offspring learn to understand life in a larger sense and it is here that they learn how to love each other and respect each other.

   A family brings about the best in an individual and when they know that they grow in a healthy atmosphere then the family starts to nurture all the good moments they share with each other.They go out for outings and movies and do lots of things together and it is in these times that they realise  how happy they are actually.

  Life goes on at its usual hum drum pace but ,when anyone does an introspective of the time he has spent with his family, then a smile comes to his face that those were the times alas! Well what I want to say  is that kids grow up and they have to lead a life of discipline and continuos struggle all their lives, but ,when they look back they should feel secure and happy of what their life was when they were kids.

  A strong family upbringing brings about the better of a person and remains with him for a lifetime. It is the values which he inherits from his parents ,which help him to take decisions in his life at later stage. They know what is good and bad for them and they also know how to react to various temptations in the right manner. Henceforth a good upbringing benefits him no end.

   On the other hand if a family does not provide him with shelter and security then he is bound to go wayward and lose his path in life very soon. I have seen familIes which have been broken due to many reasons and when we look upon the kids of these families, then we can see how very confused and lost they are. In their later lives they tend to take harmful decisions not only for themselves but also for the society.

    When a person tries to delve deeper and try to  find out about the lives of gangsters or other notorious people in life then we can very clearly see that therE was glaring fault in their upbringing and they were not guided properly as to what was right or wrong for them.

   There are certainly negatives and positives in different kinds of families but I feel very strongly that if there is an iota of love which binds them then nothing can cause them to go astray.Henceforth it is essential that two individuals do their best in understanding each other, despite stressful times and when as time passes they attain success in bringing up good citizens, then that is the ultimate thing which any family can achieve in the long run.

   Inner satisfaction and contentment in life is something which everyone should strive for and if that is achieved then there is no stopping in getting a good family life and enjoying its hum drum pace.

The Essence of the Indian Woman

When you try to explain what an Indian woman is then it is very difficult to explain, as she is a complex mixture of countless attributes and when you will read the the following blog about the Indian Woman, you will understand what I am trying to say.An Indian Woman is an amalgam of so many different qualities and virtues, that if you come to think of them, they are so vast and innumerable that you will be aghast that how can one woman’s personality encompass  such a vast plethora of qualities! 

    Yes that is the marvel an Indian woman is! She is so complete and so full of so many emotions and sensitivities that when you try to define an Indian woman, you will be at a loss of words as I am at this moment.I will try to talk about her in a very informal manner as I am myself an Indian woman and I have seen and been exposed to so many different kinds of Indian women and so I know the basic character of an Indian woman whether she lives in urban India or rural India.

   India has a rich culture and heritage and due to this, the cultural roots which seep into every Indian woman are always evident from her behaviour and mannerisms , no matter where she is in the world. An Indian woman always stands out as being morally upright , with a sparkling character and a person who is so full of righteous virtues, that when you try to count them then you will fail to do so.

    I am talking of the Indian woman of my mother’s generation.These women were brought up in a sheltered atmosphere and they were always looked up to, for major decisions in the family and they were always respected for the values they stood up for.An Indian woman in those times was so docile and yet she educated herself and made herself up to date according to the times and brought up her kids in a very modern way.She gave her kids the best atmosphere at home and always listened to their day to day problems and gave them a wholesome upbringing. 

   The Indian woman of my mother’s generation can be called the ideal woman as she was an epitome of love and care and affection in all her different roles as a mother, wife,  daughter, daughter-in law and various other relations. She gives all her love and attention to all her close ones and when it comes to sacrificing for any one of them, she does it with all her heart. This is the woman who has everything in her a golden heart and all the attributes of an ideal person in every respect. Her only drawback is her dependance on the opposite sex for her basic requirements.Though women had started to come out of their homes and started working in offices, but it was not on a large scale.

     The next generation of Indian women that is the one to whom I belong, which is a more modern version of the previous Indian woman.This woman is similar to their predecessors but there have been certain changes in their basic character with regard to their being independent and their general attitude towards life.Even now they are loving and caring and they play all their roles in an equally devoted manner but, now due to the exposure to the media and  a vast difference in the atmosphere of both the generations.

   Our generation is also having the same values as the previous one but, now she is far more confident and   independent in her ways. Due to financial independence she is able to lead her life, as she wants to and she thoroughly enjoys every moment of her life and partys and enjoys when she has to.

  Now the modern Indian woman is more involved in all the decisions of her family in a big way and as she contributes financially she is able to take major decisions also with ease.The modern Indian woman is more enlightened and more realistic in her approach.She is very clear with what she wants from life and when it comes to fulfilling her duties as a mother, wife, daughter and daughter-in -law, she is absolutely devoted and now the added advantage for her is that she is more respected and appreciated and cared for.

   I feel the modern version of the Indian woman is very advanced in her thinking and she can mould herself in any way which is required of her. Whether she is married or unmarried she believes in enjoying thoroughly and she has a huge friend circle and she has a blast whenever she wants to. This modern woman lives life to the fullest and at the same time she is bound by cultural values and she follows them accordingly.

   Now if I have talk about the rural woman then you will be surprised by the stark contrast she bears to the city woman. In most of the north Indian villages , she is not even literate and she is bound by the social shackles in such a way, that I really pity them and their deplorable plight.The rural Indian today is the symbol of Indian culture at its purest and most unadulterated and unmoderated form. She not only toils hard in the fields but , she also does all the chores of her home with her own hands and the marvel of it all is, that she never complains and does it with a smile.

   The rural Indian woman is an excellant mother, wife daughter and daughter-in-law and she plays all her roles to the tee and she never complains of anything. She bears the brunt of male domination at its worst and still never raises her voice against it and I sometimes feel so surprised that how can a woman be so endearing yet so accommodating and still she has to face so many adversities at the hands of her male counterparts and despite all this she keeps smiling and keeps giving her services to the best of her capabilities.It is such a pity that on the one hand the modern Indian woman is advancing and becoming better day by day but, the rural Indian woman is still bound in social shackles and she cannot even dream of breaking them, as it would mean a revolution and for that she does not have the mental and financial acumen.

   To sum it up I want to say that the Indian woman is extraordinary in her nature and she gives an excellant upbringing to her offspring and she provides a good atmosphere to her family to the best of her capability. She is the binding element in her family and she takes care of everything with her personal touch. An Indian woman can be written about in reams and reams of paper , but this is all I can say of till now and my only concern is towards the rural woman and if we as modern Indian woman can do something for them then it would be an added advantage.She is the basic foundation of not only an Indian family but also the nation as a whole.