The Lonely Old Man

When I write this blog I feel really sad for an old man who is in a really miserable situation now as compared to what he was a few years ago. This old man was a very influential and respected man in society and he was happily married with a wife and three sons. He had everything in life a great family a respectable career and a lot of reputation in society. But little did he know that all this will be taken away from him as time passed and he will be left alone and derelict with no one to care for him.

   This old man was a very vibrant and energetic young man in his youth and now whenever he thought of his youth he was usually moved to tears. Though he did commit a lot of mistakes in his youth without realising what will be the repercussions of his actions then.As a young man when he had kids to take care at home he used to often work late and enjoy drink parties and spent time in luxury. He ignored his responsibilities towards his kids even when they needed him the most at the time of crises, when they were in the hospital or they were sick.

   Due to this reason he lost all respect in the eyes of his kids and even they started ignoring him, but because he was lost in the glory of his office reputation , he did not notice their indifferent attitude. He had now become very arrogant and after his sons got married he was even more proud and rude and difficult to handle.His wife was the person who used to bear all his idiosicracies and she used to cover up for him and show him in a better light in front of the kids.

   He had now become a regular drinker and he used to consume alcohol every night and then after that he used become very difficult to handle .He used to pass obscene comments on his daughters-in -laws and used to always feel insecure and unwanted. He ha d peculiar liking for tasty food which he used to prepare with lots of spices and ghee.

  Till the time his wife was alive he used to do whatever he wanted, but then things changed when retired from his influential job and that was where his  downfall started. He was shocked that all those people who respected him and were scared of his position were now hardly bothered when he was around. He could not bear it when his office people ignored him and insulted him sometimes.This was the time when he came in close contact with the otherwise ignored family. He realised now that what a big mistake he had committed by ignoring his family all these years.

   He thought that all those people in the office ,if they respected him, even his family would respect and love him, but he was strongly mistaken. His family had till now totally written him off and now they did not have any love or respect for him and things became worse when the old man’s wife passed away. Now he felt totally lonely and lost.

  The kids were now married and settled but still they had an eye on the wealth of the old man. So the kids still tolerated him and took care of all his whims and fancies till they extracted all the money from him.After they forced him to sell his house and give him all his money the kids totally discarded him like a used wrapper!

   He only got solace in the arms of his one son who despite all the previous happenings still respected and he loved him. Now the old man was in a fix and he was shocked as to now how he should survive.He bought a flat in his name and gave it to his son and he bought a shop too and elt his son work in it. Now he started bossing around with that son and made his life miserable just because that son stayed in his home.

  Things became worse when the son threatened to leave him alone and go to another flat if he troubled him further.Now after all these years he still lonely and sad with no one to take care of him and bear all his low thoughts.He still felt that he had an importance in the family and whenever there were family dicussions he used to give his opinions but no one bothered to listen to him.

  He was the one responsible for his situation and there was no one else to blame. If he had been more caring and tolerant then he would have a better life now, but only because he was selfish and self centered, he now had to face such a life.

   Henceforth it advisable that all old men should be tolerant and caring and of course adjusting according to their environment otherwise they will also be left alone and lonely as this old man  .