Boredom, oh boredom, you tedious friend,

Your presence never seems to end.

You haunt me in moments of idle time,

A constant reminder of life’s uphill climb.

I try to shake you off, to no avail,

You cling to me like a stubborn snail.

I seek distractions, anything to do,

But everything seems dull, nothing feels new.

I stare at the clock, it ticks away,

The minutes drag on like a dreary day.

I long for excitement, for something to ignite,

But boredom just lingers, like a stubborn blight.

Oh boredom, why must you torment me so?

Can’t you see, I have places to go?

But you hold me back, with your heavy chains,

A prisoner of monotony, trapped in mundane.

Yet perhaps, in the depths of your drear,

Lies a lesson, a truth to hear.

That life is not always a thrill ride,

But a journey with ups and downs to abide.

So I’ll embrace you, boredom, my dull friend,

And find meaning in these idle bends.

For in your tedium, I’ll learn to appreciate,

The beauty of stillness, the joy of a simple state.