The Other Side

Life has its machinations, its own course, no one guides it or shapes it, its incidents and highs and lows are all pre defined. No one knows, as to when, what will happen. When you are caught in a medley of troubles and sorrows, you feel like as though you are trapped and the darkness around you, seems so over bearing and over powering, that you feel, that, there will be no light on the other side. But, that is the marvel of Life, suddenly all the darkness vanishes in thin air and you are blinded by the glow of the light of positivity and all that earlier seemed so gloomy and hopeless, disappears.
Life, is more like a fast flowing bubbling, gurgling river and all of us, are flowing along with it, There are times when the river is flowing at a a smooth course and that is the time when you feel totally at ease, with all that is happneing in your life, then, suddenly, the river takes a rough course and you experience a lot of difficulties, in trying to save your self from drowning. This is the time when you are facing the trials and tribulations of life and sometimes the rough phase drags on too long and you feel totally lost and aimless, like as though there is no hope at all in anything that you do.But, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel, you only have to believe in it, that it will show itself soon.
The various shades of life are extremely normal and practically every person experiences them, in every stage of their lives. A wise person, is that who does not lose his inner calm and equilibrium and he should quietly face the vagaries of life with a brave face and wait for things to change in his favour, so that, he can safely go to the Other Side, where, he will find himself happy, victorious and content.
Unflinching trust in God and trust in the fact, that what has happened is good and even if it has not happened according to what you wanted, despite all your efforts, even then, one must not feel defeated and lost. God sets things right at the right time and when he desires something, nothing can stop it from happening. It can be recovery from an illness, a success in an exam, a long awaited job, or any milestone which you desire in Life. Those are the machinations of God, he turns around his “Wand of Fate”, and lo and behold, things suddenly turn in your favour.
I have been a witness to so many miracles in my Life, that, at times I feel, this is only because of the fact, that, I am blessed by the unfathomable care and affection of God. He is there always for me, no matter what. When I am going through the rough course of,the so called river of Life, he is always there holding my hand tight and secure and always reassuring me and saying, “Preeti,everything will be fine, just have trust on yourself and be courageous, never lose hope/’
Believe me, it has taken me through every phase of life, no matter how difficult it was and I have always emerged victorious! Sometimes, when I listen to my inner voice I always feel that I am made for a larger purpose, that is the reason, why he takes such good care of me, like as though I am his favourite child.
Trials and tribulations come and go in a whiff and when I am on the Other side, feeling victorious and satisfied, after all that I have achieved after long struggle, then he sits there and laughs quietly, saying.”See I told you, this was nothing, you were unecessarily, fretting anf fuming!”
Sometimes, I marvel at myself, my inner being and spiritual strength, as to how did I sustain myself, in the face of so much of trouble, pat comes the answer, the outcome was already predefined and pre determined, I was made by the almighty in such a way that I could sustain myself in this way. I then understand, that I was making a mountain of a mole hill!The inner sttength which I had was only due to my implicit faith in God.
The Other Side is that place, where everyone wants to be, the place where you feel content, at peace and victorious, after a long struggle. No one wants to face troubles, no one wants sufferings, every person, wants to be perpetually happy. but, at this juncture I would like to ask you one question and that is, if one doesnt face sufferings and miseries and doesnt know what it is to stuggle and then emerge victorious after a struggle, then he fails to gain the essence of life.After sorrows, if a person gets happiness, only then he values that joy, that he has attained. This hide and seek of joys and sorrows, continue to happen, in ones life.
Continuous happiness is an impossible state of human condition, on the other hand, happiness and joy, are more a constant state of ones spirit. One must try to stay calm and happy no matter what he is facing in his life.Only a person who has trust on himself and his God, will be able to be happy no matter what.
To strive hard and unflinchingly and get on the Other Side, despite facing end number of troubles, is, what each person should try to do, as when he finally reaches his goal on the Other Side, the feeling is absolutely wonderful and cannot be described in words. The feeling of success, gives such a high, that there is nothing comaparable to it. So, my advice to one and all, is to be determined and strive hard and achieve success in whatever a person does and never lose hope and believe me , nothing in this world is impossible, its only your belief in yourself, which takes you through.
Life is a glorious journey, enjoy it, live it, struggle though it and enjoy its victories, with full zest and enthusiasm, as we have one life and we need to enjoy every bit of it!,