In these modern times life is very complicated and so is the dependance on maids. Every person is having a busy life and so they are not left with an option but to depend on the maids who not only run their households but also prove to be very efficient in their jobs. All those who are working are very busy in their daily schedules, therefore they don’t have much options left in front of them, than to depend on their maids for their day to day jobs.

    On the other hand when maids are considered they mostly look at the charges they are given for a particular job. Money is the primary consideration as they leave their villages and even their kids, to work in these houses.Most of these women are helpless, as they don’t have any option in front of them, than working in these households.

   Most of the maids are burdened with lots of responsibilities, but only who are sincere, only those are able to continue with their jobs.It all depends on the attitude that these maids have and also on how they are treated by their employers.

    It is very saddening to note that many of the full timers are beaten and even kept hungry all day.Now this is the most depressing and deplorable aspect of this world. I don’t understand that how can a human being torture another human being in such a heinous manner. They don’t have any feelings for the emotions of another person, it is so disgusting and on top of that the oppressors don’t even regret their behaviour.

   This is the reason why most of the people don’t get good maids. People in the villages have stopped trusting the fact that their girls will be safe in the cities, so they have stopped sending them altogether.But the fact remains that no household can run without a maid and the call of the day is that every maid should be treated well and not only that they should also be trusted with their jobs.

    The modern Indian women have to be aware that if they can’t run their households without their maids, then even they should treat their maids well and with respect.