You and me, me and You

Here we are together and joyous!

Strolling around with the blessings of the Gracious!

He has given us this beautiful day,

Where we prance around with ultimate gay,

We are happy as we feel complete and content with each other,

Each moment that we spend with each other, is without any bother,

As, when we are together it is just

You and me, me and you,

The world passes by, with all its troubles and tribulations,

But, when I am with you, I am oblivious of all of its machinations,

Your company is like my cocoon, my most cherished zone, the place where I thrive,

grow and survive,

From all kinds of difficulties that may come my way.

I follow you with trust, devotion, and sincerity,

With a dream in my heart, that I will continue being with you till posterity,

With a dream, that we will have little peahens, who will flower with our kind of grace,

And will prance around this world with our kind of pace.

My heart brims with love for you and I thank God for you,

My existence basks in your affection and I will always be there for you,

In thick and in thin, in joy and in misery,

Even when life is a mystery,

When things are not going fine and we go hungry for days,

I will never lose hope and hold your hand tight in those days.

Life is challenging and full of struggles and constant danger,

But, when I am with you, I forget everything and dance with joy and vigor,

We are only the two of us, but we are a world within us,

And in that world, there is only love, determination, and resolve to be glorious,

Despite anything and forever emerge victorious.

So let us rejoice in this emotion of love, where there is fortitude and strength,

With vigor and enthusiasm, we prance around every length,

With determined goals in our hearts, for our future lives,

We move forward with joy and hope and thank God that,

there is a,

You and me, me and you.

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