When I bring a Smile.

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Such a beautiful day!

Just came out for a walk with my amour. Love her company and graceful gait. Feel so fortunate to have her in my life.

So, while walking down the street and enjoying the cool breeze, after morning rains, I glanced at a group of men, chatting away. They seemed to discuss something important, with tensed tones. I walked close to them with my amour following me, cautiously. I wondered what might be bothering those men and why were they tensed. I only hoped that by looking at me, I evoke a smile, so that their tension could go away for a second.

Nature is filled with the beauty of so many little things, which we can savor and enjoy, but these humans don’t understand. They get affected by trifling issues in their lives and fail to appreciate the beauty of Nature and life in general.

I enjoy the beautiful morning dew, the fresh crisp air, the blooming flowers, the green grass covered with fallen flowers, coated with the coolness of the early morning air. This beauty gives you a message, a message of peace and calmness. It tells you that when the various components of Nature like the trees, mountains, rivers, animals, remain unaffected by the vagaries of time and keep going despite any kind of challenges they face, in the same way, my dear humans, you need to be calm inside and remain unaffected, no matter what problems or issues you face in your lives.

I begin each day with a struggle to find food for myself and my cute little amour and feel fortunate, that at least this day has gone by, with a filled stomach!

I dont get affected internally by the struggle and quest for food each day, as I have to fight it out to find food. My spirits are undaunted and I never whine, when I dont get food. I happily do my job, content with whatever amount of food I get each day.

At the end of the day, I heave a sigh of relief and cuddle my amour and have a satisfied sleep, thinking that tomorrow will be another day, filled with the struggle to find food. I have to survive, so struggling is a part of my life, so I keep doing that with a calm mind.

Bringing a smile on the faces of humans, is something which makes me joyful, so, I will continue walking down the streets, with my head held high and naturally, if I chance to see any humans who are sad, I would love to evoke a smile and give them happiness, at least till the time, I am with them.

As, spreading joy is what I love doing and I will continue doing it all my life, whether it is among my own community of peacocks, or it is for the humans.

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