This is the most oppressive curse on humanity and all those who face this kind of atrocity they are bound to face a lot of hardships in their life. I am one of the lucky ones who have been born into prosperity and and good household, but when  I think of all those people who face poverty then I feel full of sympathy and disgust at the same time. Sympathy because I cannot do anything substantial for them and disgust because their condition does not seem to improve no matter what.

   Poverty is something which is got by your destiny or by your own doing and actions. I sometimes wonder what  is the reason that one person is blessed with all the luxuries and the other person is deprived of them even though there is no fault of his.

   The other day I saw a poor man who was walking by in the evening and he looked so tired an forlorn in his condition that my heart went out to him. He was wearing stained and tattered clothes and he was carrying a small gas cylinder with him. He looked so tired that he was just waiting to get home and cook a meal for himself on the gas cylinder and then slump down to deep slumber of satisfaction.

   This the life of practically every hard-working labourer in the cities and these poor people work hard in constructing houses and buildings and they dont even have the blessing of having a meal with peace and tranquility. Poverty is a curse for these kinds of people and the most depressing part is that they cant even think of coming out of this curse as they don’t seem to have any objection to the kind of life they they are having and they seem to be satisfied in their lifestyle.

   When you come to think of it then you realise that there is a particular hierarchy of the social structure and it is due to this hierarchy that the people do what they have to do. Those who are poor do their job providing for the rich and it is vice versa. But again when you come to think of it closely then this structure is so closely interwoven that no matter how much they try they cant come out of this vicious circle.

  Only in exceptional cases there are people from the poorer who work hard and educate themselves and they bring themselves out  of this vicious circle and then they also become very privileged and a happy lot. But this happens in very rare cases and all those are able to come out of it  always feel blessed and they never forget their roots no matter how much they reach higher in their lives.

  Poverty is the biggest curse for humanity as it can bring about good as well bad aspects in people and it all depends on the circumstances of the people and how they react to them. That is the reason how socially harmful elements are created and this the reason poverty can be potentially harmful for the society.

  Henceforth poverty should be tried to be eradicated form the society to provide a better future to he people and it the society. Though it is very difficult to do so but if it is possible it will be a boon for humanity.

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