Loneliness is a very depressing feeling which anyone can ever have. I have experienced this in a very major way and in various dimensions. This usually happens when despite the fact that you are close to someone, but still you feel that emotion, as you are constantly ignored and the other person to whom you are close to, is not even aware of it.It can happen in marriages, it can happen in friendships and it can surely happen in relationships. In this blog I will try to explore the various reasons of loneliness and how they effect the person involved.

   When two people come together in marriage , then they have this prominent emotion of togetherness. They come together for this basic reason, but when due to some reason they fail to provide that feeling of togetherness, then it is at that time that loneliness sets in. In a marriage giving company to each other is extremely important, as it is the basis of their relation and it takes them a long way together. But if among the two there is the barrier of a proper communication, then the result can be disastrous for any one of them.

   If one partner ignores the other then the other partner starts feeling lonely and unwanted, bu the worse happens when it is not only this, the other partner also criticises and slams his partner to no end and makes her feel miserable. There is a sheer feeling of desperation and helplessness and the worse part is that the person involved is not even aware of the plight of his partner. In this situation the loneliness weighs very heavily on the person and no matter how much he or she tries he cannot come out of this feeling of loneliness. If there are kids in this marriage then there some respite, but otherwise life is hell for the person.

    Loneliness is such an empowering feeling that it makes the person involved feel very helpless and unwanted. The desperation  felt is unparalleled to any other emotion. When a person feels lonely then feels that he is engulfed in such an intense darkness that he feels lost and totally without any direction in life. In life generally small happy moments matter a lot and it is these happy moments which make life worth living, but when you are deprived of these happy moments in your life, it is then that loneliness sets in in a big way.

   Loneliness can be prevalent among friends too and here again if one ignores the other due to any reason then again loneliness sets in. It is felt even more badly when the person sees other friends in happier times. It really pinches badly as then you see how the others are enjoying and you cant as your friend is not ready to give you that time and companionship. Any kind of loneliness in this situation is very depressing and full of frustration. When two friends come together, they come together as they basically like each other very strongly and it is this strong feeling that keeps both of them together, but when when despite the liking the friends are not able to spend time with each other, then loneliness sets in.

   Another very prominent place where you can see loneliness is within the relationships of parents and kids. Parents very lovingly bring up their kids and they are so happy in a family and content in their space that they feel very happy with each other. But as time passes and the kids grow up then things change for the kids, as now they have certain new priorities and because of them they cannot give so much of time to their parents.

   This a very crucial time for the parents, as they are now in such a position, that they have struggled enough in their lives and got what they wanted but, the kids are still starting out in their lives and this is where the clash sets in. The parents still want their kids to remain their same and they still want their kids to give them all the time they ask for and when the kids are not able to do so, it is then that loneliness sets in in the lives of the parents. Life assumes a very slow and relaxed pace, as there is no hurry for anything now and the parents now start living for each other. It is the expectations which the parents have from their kids that is basic reason for the conflict between them. If the parents stop expecting anything from the kids then they will be more satisfied in their lives.

    Children nowadays are having a very fast paced life and they hardly have time for each other, so in these times the parents should think that if the kids are not able to give time to their parents, then it reasonable and understandable.Parents should be happy in their space, if they want to keep loneliness at bay. If they are content with their lives and they dont have any expectations from their kids, only then they can keep loneliness at bay.

  In any person’s life loneliness is prevalent only when they have too many expectations in life . Therefore a person should try to be content and satisfied in life and even if there is loneliness , due to any reason he will not feel it so badly, as the contentment will always prevent it from overpowering him.If through communication, you are able to remove the loneliness due to that person then there is nothing like it,  but if not then the best part is to accept it and live a life of contentment rather than cribbing that why is there so much of loneliness. I know it is very difficult to be alone and feel unwanted but, that is life and we should accept every phase of it with open arms.


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