The Usual Hum drum of Family Life

When a person gets married, then he gets a god gift of a family. This family gives him all the security, love and affection and when he looks around him he feels satisfied that after all the struggle in his life, he has attained something really fruitful and long lasting. A family is an institution which is like a fort in itself and it has the walls of affection and care around it at all times. When you are a part of a family then you feel so wanted and cared for, that whenever you face problems in the outside world then you look into your family for solace and ultimate comfort. That is the marvel of living in a family.

   After all when you try to give it a deeper thought, then you will feel that how does a family come into being and how and what are basic factors of making it successful and fruitful in the log run.Well, if you try to think of the beginning of a family, then you will know that when the two individuals think of coming together in holy matrimony, then that is the time when the seeds of togetherness and a long lasting relationship is established.When they come together then it is the fine tuning and staunch bonding of the couple , that will decide their future.

   Both the woman and the man should understand their priorities and they should state very clearly as to what they want from each other. Once the foundation of their relationship is established then that is the start of a bonding which makes the entire structure of the family possible. So, it is this bonding which decides whether a family will be strong and it will have something to fall back on when times are rough.It is here that the offspring learn to understand life in a larger sense and it is here that they learn how to love each other and respect each other.

   A family brings about the best in an individual and when they know that they grow in a healthy atmosphere then the family starts to nurture all the good moments they share with each other.They go out for outings and movies and do lots of things together and it is in these times that they realise  how happy they are actually.

  Life goes on at its usual hum drum pace but ,when anyone does an introspective of the time he has spent with his family, then a smile comes to his face that those were the times alas! Well what I want to say  is that kids grow up and they have to lead a life of discipline and continuos struggle all their lives, but ,when they look back they should feel secure and happy of what their life was when they were kids.

  A strong family upbringing brings about the better of a person and remains with him for a lifetime. It is the values which he inherits from his parents ,which help him to take decisions in his life at later stage. They know what is good and bad for them and they also know how to react to various temptations in the right manner. Henceforth a good upbringing benefits him no end.

   On the other hand if a family does not provide him with shelter and security then he is bound to go wayward and lose his path in life very soon. I have seen familIes which have been broken due to many reasons and when we look upon the kids of these families, then we can see how very confused and lost they are. In their later lives they tend to take harmful decisions not only for themselves but also for the society.

    When a person tries to delve deeper and try to  find out about the lives of gangsters or other notorious people in life then we can very clearly see that therE was glaring fault in their upbringing and they were not guided properly as to what was right or wrong for them.

   There are certainly negatives and positives in different kinds of families but I feel very strongly that if there is an iota of love which binds them then nothing can cause them to go astray.Henceforth it is essential that two individuals do their best in understanding each other, despite stressful times and when as time passes they attain success in bringing up good citizens, then that is the ultimate thing which any family can achieve in the long run.

   Inner satisfaction and contentment in life is something which everyone should strive for and if that is achieved then there is no stopping in getting a good family life and enjoying its hum drum pace.

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