The Drastic Change(Story)

This is my story the story of how as a young teenager I had faced very difficult circumstances in my life when I shifted from Hyderabad to Delhi.It takes you on journey wherein you will see how I found the absolutely different environment of North India as compared to South India.How I had a culture shock and I totally transformed myself from bubbly,happy and carefree teenager,into a mature and sensitive person.

I was just fourteen years old when life took a drastic turn and I experienced such enormous changes , that I was not only shocked, but it  took a long time for me to accept those changes and adapt and adjust according to  them in my life.I was a smart, cute and extremely intelligent girl,who enjoyed life and for me life was fun, friends and lots of adventure.Every moment of my life,at that young age of fourteen was full of mystery and adventure as I did not know what was going to happen to me in the coming years, as my father had been transferred to Delhi and I did not know what I was going to face over there after shifting over there for good.

As a child I was not pampered but, I was brought up in the best possible way,  my parents could afford for me.To sum it up I was a happy child who was loved and cared for by my parents as I was not only an obedient child, but I was quite good at my studies as well.Life in Hyderabad was like as though I was living in heaven.Things were hunky dory at school and I had the best of friends. I loved sports and my school encouraged sports to level that you could easily think of exploring possibilities of making it to the national level in sports.

I was a good athlete and I loved running.I was a good sprinter and I won a lot of prizes and awards in athletics and I was appreciated a lot by my friends and teachers.My studies were going on very well and I was usually among the first five rankers of my class.My School was the best school ever as it was a huge convent and it had a huge complex with a church and  a nunnery.I enjoyed every moment in that school and I loved my teachers.

At the home front I had a lot of friends who lived near my house in the same locality and I was lucky to get to know girls from different states of India and I  got to know about their customs and culture.We used to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with a lot of fervor and I thoroughly enjoyed performing on the stage which was put up for this occasion.My life was like a bed of roses where I had no worries at all and I had a lot of fun with my friends and close ones.

I have gone into a lot of detail in trying to explain about the details of my life in Hyderabad as I was extremely happy over there and I was not aware that I would be facing absolutely adverse and very difficult circumstances in Delhi.There was a drastic change in my life and my entire thought process and attitude towards life changed. It changed in such a way that even now after so many years when I am forty years of age I cannot forget the turmoil I had gone through,in those initial years.

I had shifted to Delhi at the age of fourteen, when I was an adolescent and I was discovering many aspects of growing up everyday.I was at an impressionable age and it was my utter misfortune that I had no one to help me out with my questions about the people around me and how I should handle myself and my attitude towards the absolutely new environment around me.

My visit to Delhi when I was a kid was always a holiday, where I used to visit all my close relatives who lived in Delhi and it was a long one month in the summers where I had a lot of fun spending time with all my cousins and relatives and it was the best period of the year for me.So, when I shifted to Delhi for good I was still under that impression that I am here for a holiday and I had the same attitude towards my relatives,but I was in for the first shock of my life when I saw them change colors.They were earlier very cordial towards me and my family and helped us settle down in our hometown, that is Delhi,but as months passed, they started feeling jealous of our prosperity and showed a cold shoulder to us when we asked them for help in many matters related to building a new house or about the behavior of certain people.

We gradually settled in our new house and I faced another rude shock in school, when I came face to face with the selfish and self centered mentality of the girls at my school and I did not make a single friend, as I found that every girl was very selfish.Whoever befriended me,was my friend till  she got her notebook which she needed and after her purpose was fulfilled, she forgot that professed friendship to me.Friendship for me was dedication and sincerity and ultimate love towards my friend and in that, there was no room for selfishness.But here in Delhi I learnt one cruel fact that I could trust no one and no one was my friend other than my parents and siblings.

I was shocked at the apathy the people had towards each other,whether it was the work place or home or school everyone was competing with each other.They were caught in an unending rat race.People had no time to enjoy the small joys of life.Life was a total showbiz and those who showed a good picture of oneself were famous and popular.

This drastic change in my life was too much digest initially as I was all alone and there was no to explain to me that these were normal changes which you experience when you enter a separate environment altogether.Moreover, I was teenager and I was going through tremendous changes in my body and my basic intellect and then, when I was faced with these adverse circumstances, wherein I had to cope with all my problem  all by myself, as my mother was busy working in a school and she was not that kind of mother who would befriend her young growing up daughter.

My mother believed in the fact that she provided well for her kids and they were reasonably well looked after,so she did not delve more deeply into the problems of her daughter and then, things were worse at my fathers end as he was a hard task master and only wanted results and what was worse that he became violent when things did not go according to his wish.My elder sister was the biggest villain in my life and she left no stone unturned in making my life a hell,due to jealousy.My only silver lining was my younger brother who was my closest friend and confidante and he helped me out in times of crises.My grandmother was my biggest support system and she acted as my friend and guide in all my trying and difficult times.

For me the most difficult part was to try to adjust with the entirely different mindset of the people in North India, who were superficial and fake as compared to the genuine and simple people of South India.I was basically very simple at heart and at the age of fourteen the major aspects of my personality had already taken shape, so at that stage when I was faced with this diametrically different mindset wherein no one cared for anyone,was a rude shock.It took me a long time to adjust with this selfish mindset and shape myself so.

After the initial four years when I shifted to Delhi, I learnt how to cope up with the drastic changes that took place in my life.I developed a close rapport with GOD,in those times as I had  stopped trusting anybody except myself and my GOD, who is a friend,support system and closest confidante.It is this proximity to GOD which has helped me a lot throughout my life and he has helped me and is still helping me in my life in many ways.

I learnt how to cope up with selfish friends and relatives and behaved with them in a neutral way and did not show any displeasure or happiness when I was around them.It hardly affected me anymore.I had formed a shell around me where there was GOD and only those who genuinely cared for me.Now I am happily married with two lovely kids and when I look back at those crucial years when my life changed,I feel that the strong person that I am now,it is only due to the struggle I faced in those initial years.

Changes happen in a person’s life and it is these changes that shape a person’s future and every person should have faith in GOD, and have patience till things change and of course as time passes one learns how to cope with any situation no matter how difficult it is,like I coped up with these drastic changes and made myself a strong and determined person, others can also cope up with any difficult situation only if they trust themselves and GOD.

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