What is love?When we try to actually find out what love is,we are baffled as we can’t pin-point what love is.According to me love is very complex set of emotions, anyone has towards another individual or set of individuals.

When you love someone,then either you love him or don’t love him.Now you will ask me that what does that mean?I want to say that when you love a person it is complete and no one can question it.But when you don’t love that person then no matter what you will not love the person,as love comes from the heart and no one force you to love anyone.

When a man loves a woman or vice-versa,then love manifests itself in an entirely different way and the emotion is so strong that it lasts a lifetime and even after one of the partner expires the love that the person feels for the expired partner remains in the form of everlasting memories.

When a young man falls in love with a woman he experiences vast changes in himself and all his thoughts and feelings are guided towards his amour,his love.Love happens when he sets his eyes on a woman who he considers very beautiful and when he can convey his emotions to her and connects with her mentally then finally he loses his heart out to her and then starts a long-lasting association between the two.Love is complete between the two if both the partners reciprocate to each others feelings in a befitting manner and love each other completely.

This kind of love is eternal and once a man loves a woman his love for her increases as times passes, as he explores different aspects of her personality and starts adoring her even more.Society brings them together in marriage and once that happens they start respecting each other and hoping the best for each other.They live with each other and try to understand each other needs and requirements and the love between them makes things easier for both of them.Love makes it easier for them to sacrifice for each other’s happiness and they start living a life of fulfillment.It is love which makes them stand for each other in the times of crises.

Love breeds goodwill and a sense of fulfillment in both the partners and when they learn to co-exist according to each others wishes they learn to tolerate other people also around them.Love between a man and woman evokes a positive feeling of general well-being not only for the man but also for the woman.So,whoever is in love is always a satisfied individual as they find a sense of security and ultimate happiness with their partner so they are able to share their happiness with the people around them as well.

I have discussed in length about the love of a man and a woman as this is basis of humanity.It breeds procreation and all humanity has happened due to this love that happens between a man and a woman.Love is divine it is spiritual and every person experiences this emotion in some way or the other.

Love is the most important emotion on earth as it binds every relation a person has with his immediate close ones or friends.Love exists not only in human beings, it exists in animals as well,even they love each other dearly.All of us can see a strong emotion of motherly love between a mother deer and a baby deer,or for that matter in any animal.It exists between a male and female animal as well,though as human beings we cannot understand their emotions very clearly,but it is certain that it exists among them too.

Motherly love is the most cherished emotion.The love which a mother feels for her kids is transcendental.It is the ultimate and divine emotion.Maternal love believes in giving everything she has, in bringing up her kids. A mother,no matter how she is placed financially,she will try to give her best to the kids.The love of a mother and its sacrificial  nature is so intense that among poor and under-privileged women we can often spot mothers feeding their kids,even if they have remained hungry for days.That is the beauty of the love shared between a mother and her child.Her giving nature, nurtures her child and no matter how many adverse conditions she faces ,she tries to give the best of things for her kids.

A mother’s heart is so full with the love for her child that it can be equated with the unquestionable love and emotion GOD has towards his disciples.God has created a mother to give love and it is here, in the arms of his mother, a child learns how to love unconditionally.He learns how to be giving and large-hearted and when he feels the essence of love  from his mother and he experiences the sense of security,it is only then he is able to grow into an emotionally stable person and he is able to give love to all the people around him,whether it is his spouse or any person he comes across in his life.

When you love a friend you really don’t know why you love him,you just love him as he is and at times I wonder how you actually befriend a person.Maybe you like his mannerisms or maybe you fall in love with the genuine person that he is.Well it can be anything,but once you befriend a person then the love and emotion you feel for that person is again long-lasting.I strongly believe that if you have a true friend who reciprocates your feelings then you are lucky to have such a friend and the friendship usually lasts for a lifetime.The relationship which two friends share has a strong undertone of mutual love for each other and a lot of admiration for each other.

Love happens and no one can say when it happens.I am talking of the love that happens which happens between a man and a woman and between two friends.Maternal love is divine and it is god gift.It is a natural emotion which a mother feels for her child.But,love between a man and woman and between two friends happens in a very gradual ways and no one can actually say that when on which date a person has fallen in love with a woman.The same situation happens between two friends too,even they would never know when and how and due to what reason they became friends.No matter what the reason and why love happens,when it happens life paints a rosy picture for both the man and woman and the two friends.

To sum it up love is a universal emotion and it exists not only among two individuals when they are lovers or two friends,it exists in every person’s heart in the form of an emotion which encourages him to take care of anyone in need,no matter who he is,whether he knows that person or does not know that person.Love towards humanity,that is loving your fellow human being is an equally strong emotion and it encourages any person to work towards the well-being of his fellow human beings in order to give them a better life if the situation demands it so.

Henceforth,as I said earlier love is very strong emotion.It is very basis of humanity and it manifests itself in various forms,such that humanity benefits from it and on a personal level I feel that man is blessed by GOD,with this emotion as he loves man and wants man to give love to all those around him.

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