What is Happiness?Is it a state of mind or is it something which a person feels after a period of exposure to something that pleases him or her, or certain situations which are caused due the immediate people around him.Happiness is an extremely joyous feeling which a person feels when he or she is very happy, due to something which has happened around him or her and due to which he or she is experiencing this present state of Happiness.

   The feeling of happiness is euphoric and it this state for which a person aspires for all his life.He works hard and studies all his life to be able to  reach a state of happiness and contentment in his life.

Happiness can be momentary or stretched through long periods of time.Momentary happiness brings about a lot of joy in a person’s life and it makes life worth living.This happiness is experienced by a mother when she looks at her little one giving a cute cherubic smile,or it is also experienced by anyone when he is trying to achieve something for a long time, like,if a fat person wants to lose weight and suddenly one day he notices a considerable decrease in this weight!These kinds of momentary joys or flashes of happiness make day to day life worth living.

Short termed happiness is also experienced by students when they get praise for their work in school or they score well in the tests.Youngsters experience this short termed happiness many times when they are appreciated for their looks or even when they are given admiring glaces by the opposite sex.These short termed states of happiness or little joys as they can be called, add a lot of zeal in a person’s life and when these little joys are peppered in your life then you can really feel how much this life can give you.

These little joys are the life giving pills for any person and all of us experience them,for a few of us these are more in number, if they are living their life according to their wish and also more importantly according to the wishes of others.For others these little joys do come their way, but they are less frequent because they are more self centered and for those who are not living their life fully and they are just existing(that is breathing,eating and sleeping).

Happiness which lasts for a long term is achieved after a person puts a sustained effort for a long period of time.For example if a person has slogged all through his life and worked very hard and saved up to build for himself a lovely house and finally when he moves into that house then the joy and happiness he experiences is ultimate!This happiness he will always feel till the time he is living in that house, as only he knows how hard he has worked to get that house built and whenever he sees the walls of that house and smells the fresh paint of the walls of that house, that lingering feeling of happiness and sense of achievement will always overpower him.

Long term happiness is also felt by a person when he sees his kids grow up into smart, intelligent and virtuous individuals.The joy becomes double fold, when people around him come and appreciate his kids and praise him for giving them such an exceptional upbringing,he feels ultimate joy and the happiness is everlasting, as he feels that he has performed his duty as a parent in the best possible way.

Henceforth, if in a nutshell one wants to know what is happiness, then he has to know what is he striving for in his life and what gives him happiness on a personal level.But all in all happiness is pure and unadulterated joy,sometimes it is short termed and at other times it is long termed, but no matter what it is,it is this happiness that makes life meaningful and worthwhile.

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