My Children(Poem)

My children are my joy, my glory, my hope and my happiness,

There are no other joys which can compare with my children’s happiness,

I am a mother of two loving kids,

I cannot express in words the joy I feel when I see my my kids,

Laughing and scampering in happiness and mirth,

I thank God that I have given them birth,

I am blessed to have this joy of being their mother,

To see them growing and thriving in my arms, makes my heart flutter,

When my daughter was born and I first laid my eyes on her,

I felt I saw the most beautiful flower,

She looked like an angel with chubby cheeks and button eyes,

And I can never forget that image which lay in front of my eyes,

She has grown up to be beautiful girl,

And she has been the most wonderful girl,

That any mother can wish for,

She was  never a troublesome child as a baby,

And has never given me a moment of grief  that I would have felt, that why is she my baby,

She is my darling daughter,who has grown up to be a beautiful girl,

I always wish well for her and pray for all her wishes to be fulfilled as she is my darling girl,

May God bestow his glory and blessings on her and let her fulfil all her long cherished dreams,

As she has high dreams which can be written about in reams,

I have also been blessed with a son,

Whose smile is as beautiful as the sun,

I love him from the core of my heart,

I feel equally blessed to have him so close to my heart,

When I first saw him as a baby,

I felt that I would cry like a baby,

With all the joy, as he was a beautiful boy,

I am blessed to have such a wonderful boy,

He is a sick boy,

But he has never given me a day, when I have ever felt that he is my boy,

He is the apple of my eyes,

I can never think of a day without him, as it will bring tears to my eyes,

I love him with all my heart,

As he is my sweet-heart,

He is a timid boy who constantly needs my support,

And I will be by his side to give him my support,

I have had little problems in rearing him,

But they are just a part of a long blissful time associated with him,

He is my joy and bliss and the ultimate happiness of my life,

And I don’t mind facing with him any strife,

God gives me all the strength,

When I have to face difficult times with him, he gives me strength,

My son has given me so much of joy,

There are no words which can express that joy,

I have seen him grow into a cute little kid,

I adore him and pray for my cute little kid,

Motherhood has transformed me as a person,

I have become more tolerant and patient as a person,

My kids have given me a purpose in life,

And I will always be a beacon for their entire life,

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