To be Spurned in Love

This is the worst feeling any woman can ever have in her life.When a woman loves she loves completely and gives her all to her partner or husband, but when she is spurned in love, then it is the worst feeling she can ever have. When she loves a person she cannot help herself, as it is the most natural feeling she can have for that person, but if that person does not love her back and spurns her every loving action with indifference and hatred, then the woman faces the most difficult aspect of her life.

  When you love someone then that feeling of love comes from within your heart but, if for some reason you are not able to get that feeling of love for someone, who you know, loves you, then even you are helpless as you cannot evoke that feeling on your own.That feeling of love for another person comes or does not come, if it comes, then all is well but, if it does not come then the person who loves you will be in a living hell, as you don’t have a feeling of love for that person.

    This is what I call being spurned in love.When two people love each other then life is wonderful for both of them as they care for each other and they will certainly make a good couple if they get married and have a family.But in a marriage if the man loves the woman and the woman does not feel that love for the man then both the partners life is a hell.The one who loves is constantly spurned by the other partner who does not love him or her and this affects both the partners, as one partner cannot stop loving  the other and because the other partner cannot love him or her back even he feels sad as no matter what he cannot love him or her.

  Now you will ask why does this happen and why can’t a person fall in love with a person who loves you so much. Well the reason for this maybe that this person might have fallen in love with another person before marriage and no matter what, after marriage he is not able to love his loving wife. I do believe in this adage that love can happen many times over but, if that person had loved that person with all his heart, then he can never fall in love again.He can have compassion or a good feeling for his present partner but he never love that person as much as he did the other person.

   Love is natural feeling and it is there or not there and to be spurned in love is a very depressing and helpless feeling. A woman cannot do anything if her husband does not love her, although due to co-existence she does get a feeling of sympathy and compassion from her partner, but sadly she will never get the divine feeling of love from her husband.

  It is a very suffocating and frustrating feeling any woman can have, she is helpless as she cannot put love for herself in her husband’s heart, no matter what and when she does all she can to win her husband’s heart and she faces failure then she loses hope not  only in herself but in life in general. Then the depressing repercussions of this basic feeling between two people affects both the people very badly.It affects their family life and there is constant feeling of indifference and hostility between the two as one loves the other but the other does not love him back.

   The relationship is lop-sided as there no healthy love between the two and due to this there is constant sense of irritation and hostility.The person who does not love his partner constantly compares his partner to his previous love and because of this reason he is never able to accept her as she is.When such a situation arises then both the people suffer a lot as the wife is unable to look or behave like her husband’s previous love and so both the husband and wife feel depressed and lost.

   When two people start living with each other in a loveless marriage then, not only them but, the family, if there are kids, also suffer a lot, as the wife is never given her place in her husband’s heart and she feels deprived and neglected and so she in turn is not able to give that much love to her kids.It is but natural if a woman gets love, only then she will be able to give that love to the people around her, but if she is constantly spurned and neglected then, she feels lost and lonely and she fails to understand as to where is her fault and why she has to face all this neglect and loneliness.

  Sadly there is no solution to this problem as the person who does not love, will never be able to love and the wife will always love, but never get any love in return.This is a never ending chain of misery which does not end between the two and it spoils both their lives and things never resolve all their lives.It is very frustrating and depressing situation for the two people involved and even more depressing is the fact that nothing can be done about it. Both are married so they have to live with each other and because they have kids they can’t leave each other even more, henceforth they have no choice but to live together in this loveless marriage and live a life of sadness and misery throughout their lives.

   Any woman would understand what it is to be spurned in love as if she loves someone and she is loved by her partner in return then only she will understand a woman’s plight who is not  loved in return.She can very well imagine that if one fine day her husband stops loving her, then she will know what it is to not be loved.She will feel blessed that her husband loves her as the feeling of not being loved nearly kills that person.

   The worst part is that when you love the person completely and you don’t get love in return then you are really at a loss as to where you are at fault and what you should do to turn things around, but when you cannot change anything then it is better to resign yourself with your fate and take respite in the love of your children and doing other things that you love to do. God plays a very important role in this person’s life as he comforts him and makes him feel content with life even if he does get the love he wants.

  Henceforth a person should be patient and live a life of contentment no matter how many adversities he or she faces as there are many who face even more adversities than you do, so we should thank God and live a positive life and accept things as they are and if they change according to you, then well and good, but if they don’t, then it is better that you turn your attention towards other important things in your life and still live a life of contentment.

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