Marriage is an institution which is the very basis of humanity.Every person who comes into world enjoys the outcome of a marriage, that is the person is able to enjoy the co- existence of his parents and enjoy their love as they live together due to the fact that they are married.A person gets married as he feels that he needs companionship in his life and he has to fulfil his physical needs as well in a way which is socially acceptable.

   Marriage is the union of two souls in way which is really harmonious and when they unite mentally,physically and emotionally the outcome is the beginning of a relationship which lasts for a lifetime.Marriages take place in heaven and this is a belief which is believed by one and all.A man and a woman unite in the most beautiful way in the form of marriage.They live together by loving each other every moment and they understand each other’s desires and dreams.This correlation between each other is so sweet that when they come together, not only them but the people around them are also deeply affected by their peaceful union.

  How does a person choose a person who he or she will live with throughout his life?Well this is a very personal thing and when a person reaches an age where he is mature enough to choose a life partner for himself, he chooses a partner who suits his choices and who according to him is the best choice for him.A man or a woman always cherishes various different dreams for his future life partner and when he comes across a person who comes close to his dreams, then he gets married to her and lives a life of contentment with her.

  Marriage is a very crucial juncture in a man’s life and when he or she gets married his life changes totally.He has to think of his partner before taking any decisions in his life and every single thing he does whether it is small or big affects both of them.The most important factor in this union is the fact that they come together because of this fact that they love each other dearly and they have come together only because they love each other.

   When two people love each other then, they are able to live with each other in a very harmonious manner and once they are able to understand each other perfectly, they feel this strong need to have a family which is buzzing with the cackling laughter of their kids.Of course this is most obvious outcome of any marriage but on a personal level I feel that they should start thinking of having a family only when they are comfortable with each other and not only them but, they have adjusted to each other’s families as well.

   Many times I ask myself that what is marriage, but I am at loss of words when I have to express it is words as the relationship is so complex and intertwined in such a way that any person who feels that he can confidently say that, this is the meaning of marriage, I am sure even he will not know the intricacies of this relationship fully.Marriage breeds respect, love, trust, companionship, tolerance, self-realisation, friendship and a host of other things which I cannot pin-point as I am still discovering various aspects of marriage.

  Trust between two partners is essential and the most important ingredient in a marriage.If two people don’t trust each other then there is no point that they live with each other anymore.Trust does not only mean that they should be loyal to each other physically, but trust also means that they should feel that they can trust each other completely when it comes to taking crucial decisions in their lives.Trust also surfaces in their daily life wherein they have to trust each over trivial matters, whether it is in relation to their day to day activities or even in bigger matters such as the upbringing of their kids.

   Trust is a ruling factor in a marriage and when two people trust each other they truly unite not only mentally but emotionally as well.Having faith in your partner also breeds a lot of sense of security in your kids as well.They experience this security as they know that their parents are in agreement which each other and they also feel the sense of security when they don’t see them arguing on petty issues.

  Strife in a marriage happens when the two partners are in total disagreement with each other and things become worse when they stop trusting each other and they blame each other for the difficulties they are facing in their lives.Marriages which fail leave a very bad taste not only in the two partner’s mouth but it affects their close ones also in a big way.The kids experience constant tiffs between the parents and it is a big deterrent for their growth in a healthy manner.

  I would like to stress on this fact that if two people are getting married they should be doubly sure that they can love this person with all their heart.Why I am saying that they should be should be sure of their love for their partner, as, on many occasions during their younger days they might have fallen in love once and due to circumstance and family pressure they were not able to get married to the person of their choice and when they actually get married to another person they are not able to do justice to their marriage as they are not able to forget their first love.

   This kind of situation is very sad for the woman involved who gives all her love to the man who shuns and ignores her as he can never love her with all his heart.She suffers every moment of her life with this man as she cannot get out of this marriage as she has commitments towards her kids and the society and her parents.She cannot deceive her husband also as she loves him a lot,  henceforth she is caught in a quagmire of a difficult situation wherein ther is no outlet, no matter how hard she tries.

  A marriage is a union of two souls and I want to stress this fact, as if among the two of them there is no love then the marriage is not a marriage, it is a compromise and an adjustment rather than a marriage.So,when you are thinking of getting married please be sure that you will love that person completely only then this marriage can be successful.As they say marriages are made in heaven and GOD chooses two people to be together, then I feel that GOD does choose these two people to be together but, these two people have to put in the effort to be together no matter what.

  Only when this happens, a marriage can be successful and such a marriage gives peace to one and all.One secure and happy marriage breeds goodwill among all his known people and sets an example for everyone around them.But when we talk of the two people involved, it is their sacrifice and goodwill that has resulted in this union and only they can make this relationship successful.

  A marriage is no doubt  union of two souls but it is also a coming together of two people who unite spiritually, physically and mentally and their offspring also believe in the institution of marriage and when they get married,  even they will bring about a lot security in society.It is a never ending chain of events.One successful marriage breeds another and so a strong successful society is formed.


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