The Mystery of Life

Life is a mystery for all of us as none of know form where we come and where do we go after death.Many people have contradictory conclusions regarding this fact, but no one can pin-point accurately as to what is the mystery of life.When I think of it personally, then I feel that we are messengers of GOD,who have come into this world to perform a certain task and after we finish our task we die and our soul goes back to heaven where god stays.

   I am a strong believer in GOD and that is the reason why I have a such a belief,but I know of many people who have other beliefs when it comes to what life is and where do we originate from and where do our souls go to.

   I met a very aged and learned person who was a non-believer in GOD and he felt that everything is Nature and there is nothing in the world which is called GOD.He strongly felt that we come into this world due to copulation and we survive the vagaries of Nature and live a life as we want it to be,that is we decide our own fate and we can make or break things according to our own wish.When we die there is no soul in our bodies and our bodies decompose and disintegrate just like other organisms.

    This was a very different approach towards life and he tried to solve the mysteries of life by delving into deep study about various living organisms and their behaviour and according to his deep study on human beings,he felt that all living organisms live because they are a part of nature and they survive due to the climactic conditions of the earth.When an organism ages he dies and that is it.This was a very explosive approach to the mystery of life as it totally ruled out the existence of GOD.

  On the other hand there is major segment of people who strongly believe in GOD, and they feel the strong bond with GOD at every juncture of their lives.They feel that GOD rules their lives in every sense and they are watched and taken care of by GOD,every moment of their lives.On a personal level I feel that I have spiritual contact with GOD and I can feel him around me at all times.He is my friend guide and mentor and helps me out in every way I can think of.

  Life is not difficult for those who strongly believe in GOD and because they always feel this connect with GOD, any problem or dilemma in their lives seem to be trivial.The strong believers of GOD are always very positive and they know that whatever they do in their lives,it will be monitored by GOD and due to this reason they are very cautious with what they do in their lives.

  The believers live a life of contentment and happiness as they know all their maladies will be taken care of by GOD.Life for them is not difficult and they work hard and treat other people with compassion.For them life does not have any mystery as they know where come from and where they will go after they die.

  These believers of GOD are always very secure in life and for them life is just the usual one where they live for their families before and after marriage.As they don’t question GOD’S intentions they never feel deprived or cheated when they are not the lucky ones when it comes to being bestowed with riches or money.They feel that they deserve what they got in their lives and if they are wronged they again blame themselves as they feel that they might have wronged someone in their previous lives.

   They strongly believe in Karma and every time a person ill treats them or speaks badly to them or cheats them,they dismissively think in their hearts that they might have wronged that person any time earlier that is why they are being hurt.This feeling protects them fron any guilt feeling and because they very strongly believe that if they are wronged,they might have wronged,they don’t feel any guilt and feel that it is GOD’S way of punishing them.

  This is what I feel about the mystery of life and if want I can write reams of pages about this topic as there is no limit to what people believe,but one thing I believe for sure and that is that there is GOD and we all have to just have faith in him and then life becomes easier to live.Those who don’t believe in GOD will always feel deprived of his love and they will never experience the excitement and connection with GOD through their entire lives and whenever they are wronged they will feel riddled with the guilt that why are they are wronged for no fault of theirs,as they don’t know about the chakra of Karma.

   So,the mystery of life cannot be deciphered even by experts,but the only thing that I know is that life is joy and we all should live it to the fullest and never distrust GOD as it is his glory that we feel and should feel at all times.

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