Being at Peace!


Peace is divine. The feeling of being at peace is very difficult to explain in words. But I must say that this is one state of mind, where I feel at such ease and comfort, that I feel that anyone who reaches this state of mind would be in a different zone altogether, a zone which is very close to Divinity!

The peace that I feel now, is because of a lot of reasons. I have seen fifteen months of tumult and change in my life not only in my inner self, but also in a lot of my relationships, for the better. Things have skyrocketed at an upward tangent and changed at a breakneck speed in all directions, personally, physically and most of all at a spiritual level.

During this journey, I did not know, that where will it take me, or what will I achieve, I just kept going according to my hearts desires.

I began this new chapter of self-transformation, in August last year, after my kids flew out of my nest to make a life of their own. I did not think too much, of what I would achieve, whether it was in the physical well-being, mental or spiritual spheres and took one day at a time. With this approach of going with the flow and acting according to the challenges I faced, at each juncture and achieving success, I kept scaling new heights and reaching my goals.

There were numerous bumps and hurdles on the way, but, as I was determined to move on and be victorious no matter what, they did not act as a deterrent in any way.

Now when I look back, I feel very proud of myself, that I have done a great job, all through! The entire journey of this period, has been no less than a roller coaster ride! It was packed with thrilling moments of joy and victory and quite a few moments full of despair and darkness.To sum it up, it was a fantastic journey and I learnt a lot, from various experiences of mine.

The most cherished and endearing change that I have experienced during this phase is the complete revival of the relationship with my husband. Our bond has steered towards an entirely new direction, where it keeps becoming better and better, with each passing day.

The peaceful state of mind, I am in now, has come after months of prayers for all my loved ones. Now when I see that they are happy and content, I feel happy and at peace.

My kids are happy and content. They do face challenges in their lives, time and again, but, I am always there to support them, through any difficulty.

My staunch Faith in God, has helped me pull through this entire phase and now I feel like as though I am sitting on the other side of the finishing line, after having won a long drawn, race filled with tenacity and menacing challenges, which threatened my very existence!

It is very rightfully said that,”Nothing tastes better than success!”, and I am now tasting that success and feeling so peaceful and glad, that my soul is dancing with joy and singing the praises of the Lord Almighty and thanking him for bringing me in this space of Peaceful Divinity!

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