The Lull Period

At times, you come at a stage when life is just like a flowing river, which is flowing with so much calm and hardly any ripples, and it appears like as though the river is also bored by flowing with so much calm!

Life usually attains this calm at various junctures and even though when we are going through this calm phase, we feel a bit too relaxed and at ease, but then boredom sets in and that is when you feel that there should be some change.

You feel restless and you start looking for opportunities where you can occupy yourself mentally. You try to find some outlet to your buckled up emotions but the main issue is that you yourself are unaware that what is it that you are looking for. On the one side you seem to be so much at peace and you just do not want to get out of the comfort zone and on the other side the itch within you that keeps pestering you to get back into action keeps bothering you. This itch starts at a smaller level and gradually it increases and you just cannot ignore it and you have to start thinking of what you need to do, so that the itch goes away.

Mostly people who like to be actively involved in doing something or the other are quite at unease when they face this period of lull and they just cannot seem to be comfortable in this phase of flowing at a calm pace. Unless there is action and excitement, people like these do not stay still and they are not able to digest this face of inaction, no matter how much at peace they are.

It is due to this desire of staying in action, they keep moving on and scale new heights in their lives professionally and personally. Life is more like a roller coaster ride for them as they seem to be insatiable and they want more and more. The best part is that they are not satisfied with achieving just the bare minimum of whatever they are aspiring to do. They have the desire to excel and put in their best foot forward in whatever they wish to do.

For most of them life moves like waves, with phases of ups and downs and the downs for them are loathed by them, as they do not like be in the shadows, they like to be in the light of their own work and keep working hard for whatever goals they have and will do anything to fulfill them, come what may.

Lulls in the life of anyone is like a way in which time ensures that you get your well deserved rest before you venture out towards another journey, achieving another set of goals. These lull periods are an essential aspect of anyone’s life, as they refuel you with infused energy, and you are raring to move forward and make a path for yourself, where you happily want to do so many things, with renewed energy!

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