Someone’s Perception

Loved these lines I read somewhere and would love to share them with all of you.

The words are:

Life always has new tasks for us. We
have to accept them and try to solve
them in the best possible way so that
we can live again with satisfaction.
Perhaps these tasks are there so that
we appreciate it again when we are
doing well.

How nicely these words summarize the basic crux of the lives of each one of us. This is what life is all about. All of us have challenges and we have to solve them in the best possible way. If we do that, only then do we derive an immense sense of satisfaction.

The best part of these lines is the second one, which is replete with positivity. The writer says that perhaps these challenges come our way so that when we look back at ourselves dealing with them and solving them satisfactorily, then we should appreciate ourselves and never forget those times even when we are doing well.

I was very inspired by these words. Do give them a thought.

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