Hopefully Aimless

Hopefully Aimless

A life who came into this world, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. A child who could never stop smiling and whose naughty dimpled smile, stole innumerable hearts, never thought that when he will grow up into a strapping handsome man, he will be despised, insulted, and compared with his peers at every step of his life!

He has so much energy that he is an extremely responsible asset to his family. He takes such good care of his parents, grandparents and does not utter a word, even if he is himself tired or hungry. Each person in the family takes his help and takes him for granted, that he is there, so no one needs to worry about a prompt ride to the hospital, doctor, running errands for household stuff, and countless other chores.

He performs all the tasks with perfection and never utters a word of dissent or a slight complaint, that he is unwilling to do any of the above, but, despite all of his good work, he is never appreciated, on the other hand, he is ridiculed and made fun of, by a sarcastic quip, that he is jobless, so he needs to do at least some work!

The most admirable quality of this bundle of joy is that he never loses his smile and does everything, despite, all the mental torture he faces at every step of his life. He refuses to be bogged down, by the constant barbs and remains fixed about what he wants to do in life. He believes in himself and knows that he will find his path, even if it is taking ages for anything concrete to shape up.

I have full faith in this boy and I know, that once he will get a chance to prove his capabilities, he will outshine each of his competitors and make something fantastic in life!

Life has dealt a hard blow on him, with enemies in his own home, but his undaunted spirit will take him to a direction, of which maybe even he does not know. His sharp intelligence and remarkable communication capabilities will ultimately reward him and he will achieve all his goals and emerge as an extremely successful and most sought-after personality later on in his life!

I feel sad and helpless, as I cannot help him directly in guiding and encouraging him and making him feel comfortable, with the way he is and how with quiet patience he can strive towards a better life.

But. I have complete faith in God and I know ultimately all my prayers will be answered and this boy will make me proud, one fine day and I know that day will come for sure.

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