Are you happy or am I better off?


Now, this is a very funny yet intense topic! I have a very cute and absolutely adorable pet dog called Tuffy and he is my darling, my joy, and the “happy element”, of the house. I have always been an animal lover and I adore them from the core of my heart.

Our cute little Tuffy loves riding in the car and we take him for little Mc Donalds drive-thrus, or a quick coffee after dinner. So, one fine evening. when we were happily driving through the streets, our car came on a narrow edge of a street and we had to turn the car around, that was when a young teenage urchin hopped out of his gate, with a measly, bony, yet very bright and sharp looking stray dog.

It was a fleeting moment of truth, wherein I looked at the boy wearing a tight dirty shirt and had unkempt. disheveled hair, holding the bright little thin dog, with a mere string, and on the other hand, my Tuffy was comfortably cushioned, in the luxurious comforts of my car!

I thought to myself about the stark contrast and different life situations, of both the dogs. While one is a stray and might be struggling the whole day with a pack of powerful and valiant strays, for a morsel of food. He might be subjected to cruel jabs and crude remarks by the people, whenever he might be sitting by the street.

For him, a day would be filled with a fight to survive. This particular stray might be the lucky one, as he seemed to be adopted by this bright young teenager lad, who despite being poor, took care of him and took him out for a walk, after feeding him with what little food he has. Despite all, this boy looked joyous and the dog looked so cheerful and excited, that he will go out for a walk with his master!

On the other hand is my Tuffy who is handfed and given all kinds of comforts of a warm cozy bed, choicest food items, loads of affection, and pampering by each member of the family. My cute little one seems happy, but he does slouch and gets scared when confronted with stronger dogs of the neighborhood and he hates to see any of the other dogs, as he knarls and growls with anger at their sight. At times he slouches and sulks, when he doesn’t get attention.

If I would for once impersonate Tuffy and ask out of curiosity that, “Are you happy, or am I better off?” I wonder what the two dogs might be thinking, as they both are of the same species but, Fate has given one a cartload of worries and a life full of struggles, while, the other is supposedly blessed with all that he wants to live a comfortable life! So, the question arises that is the street dog happier than Tuffy.

The answer is very simple and that is that happiness cannot be bought! The stray was happy in the little joy he got with the boy and the walk with him was making him happier, as he would be one level above his peers on the street! I won’t say that Tuffy isn’t happy, but his happiness is not as deep and satisfying, as that of the stray, and I would vouch for the fact that he is a happy little soul, who thanks God, for all that he gets and is able to live happily with complete freedom!

One thought on “Are you happy or am I better off?

  1. An intense subject very well explained. Nicely written and given it a good thought before writing. Nice observation. Very nice!!!


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