Have you ever struggled in your life? I have struggled at various levels, internally and externally, and believe me, it gets very tough at times when the struggle is at both ends. When, internally you are grappling with a storm of emotions, and externally you are trying your best to set things right, on various fronts, in your personal life.

If you are a strong person internally, then, winning over any struggle, becomes effortless and you are able to tide over any hurdles, that come in your way. But, when internally you are weak and trying to come to terms with a number of fundamental issues in your life and you are at that crucial time, when you are so vulnerable, that a slight smirk or frown of close ones, bothers you, at this time, if you suddenly come face to face with an external issue, which seems so indomitable and impossible to surmount, then what do you do?

Honestly speaking, this comes from the depth of my heart, that being struck, by an external, extremely tough challenge, at a time when you are at your rock bottom, personally, hits you unawares and you are at a loss, as to what you should do. But, the storm strikes at you, with full force, unremorsefully, with all its cruelty. You fall, you get hurt and you get bruised and at times you get blown off, but, despite being internally weak, your indomitable spirit, which has its roots in the strongest Faith of God, remains undefeated!

No matter how hard you have been hit, no matter how bruised you are, you stand up once again and prepare yourself mentally, for this external challenge and keep your vulnerable weak side on the back burner for once and gather all your courage to fight it out with a winning attitude and achieve victory over it.

Now, you will ask me that how do I feel about it. Well, I feel ecstatic! That is the word!

When I was weak, I was dealing with immense mental turmoil and I was questioning each aspect of my inherent nature. It was such a fast process, faster than, the fastest computer on Earth! One after the other I kept smoothening all the knots and doubts I had about myself, my relationships, and my general countenance, and my environment. It was like I was on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. I was omitting all my pre-conceived notions and long-formed impressions and opinions and steering my life into a new direction.

At this juncture, when I was still coming to terms with my new self, when I was fragile and extremely vulnerable and over-sensitive, Life took me unawares and struck me with a challenge, about which I had no idea that I will come face to face with! It was a complicated issue, that grew even more complicated as days passed and there seemed no solution to it, no matter what I did. I prayed to the Almighty, for strength, and for some direction, to find some solutions, but, the issue remained as it is and refused to budge, and stood in front of me as formidable as a huge boulder.

I am one stubborn and resilient person. If I make a decision to achieve something and defeat a particular challenge, I leave no stone unturned and strike at it with full force, then I don’t think about myself or my mental state, my focus is only on the issue, and no matter how tough the struggle is, I fight it out and do not rest till I defeat it and achieve success!

Struggles are a part of anyone’s life and their purpose is to test our resilience. Each person faces his/her own sets of struggles in different ways. Some people fear them and give up, even before trying, they are usually cowards, who hardly attain success in their lives. While others, gather their courage and begin their journey of struggling, but midway they give up, when they face tough challenges. But, the tougher and most successful people are those, who begin their struggle with the thought that we have already won it! This category of people are brave, fearless, and have a strong spirit and usually, they surpass all the hurdles that come their way and achieve success, in each of their personal struggles.

Life has this usual pattern of phases of struggles and successes, on a time to time basis. How each person’s life shapes up, depends on how he has faced and tackled his individual struggles and achieved success or failures. One must always be wise and make the right decisions at the right time and never lose hope and be determined and full of positivity, as only a positive attitude in life takes you a long long way ahead.

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