When life turns topsy-turvy

Life has its own pace and usually takes its course, along with its ups and downs. When all is well, then you are content and satisfied with life and you look forward to your future, but, when suddenly everything turns topsy-turvy, then reality hits you and it hits you hard.

The pandemic came into my life, with the intensity of a hurricane, and blew me off my feet. It challenged my patience to such an extent, that I was at my wit’s end and I did not really understand, what should be my next step. It took me a few months to actually understand what has happened and how I need to gather my courage and support my family in these times of extreme crisis.

Due to the pandemic, my kid’s exams got canceled, my husband lost his job and things were getting from bad to worse. I was extremely frustrated and upset with this turn of events and I tried my best to comfort them and make them understand, that there is hope and all will be well. My health and my family’s health were at stake and it seemed like, if I stepped out of my home, then I will be swallowed alive by this demon called Covid.

As time passed, things started getting better and life slowly started inching back to normalcy. By November last year, I was able to instill some hope in my kids and they got admission to their desired colleges. On the other side, I was constantly supporting my unemployed husband and comforting him, with a lot of hopeful words. Due to my tremendous faith in God, I could tide over this tough phase of life.

The past few months have taught me a very valuable lesson about life and that is, that life is very unpredictable and full of uncertainty. When I thought that all was well, my kids fell sick with covid. Then the travel plans of my kids, their visa, and other college formalities were doubt-ridden. My husband is still handling his new status of being unemployed. Due to these uncertainties and utter insecurity about the future, my attitude towards life has changed for good.

I have become way tougher now and I feel proud of myself, that I could steer my family and myself out of these rough times. I stood by them as a pillar of strength, despite the fact at times I used to feel weak and lost.

I have learned that, survive any such future challenging times, one should go with the flow and take each moment as it comes, and never lose hope.

One thought on “When life turns topsy-turvy

  1. Beautifully return. Third last paragraph “that is” is repeated. Maybe typo. Excellently written. Nice source of inspiration.


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