Human Observations

Life is full of observations of varied kinds. My observations are about people, incidents involving humans, relationships, moods, family dynamics, the realities of life, and a host of other things, which are infinite. The depth of my observation can be measured with my opinion of a particular category. The best part is that when I observe people or a particular person, I see the person as a whole, and at times and feel the purity of the soul of that person!


The most interesting category of my observations is human beings. I thoroughly enjoy scrutinizing the various nuances of humans. They are very intriguing and forever changing, according to their emotions and circumstances, while, on the other hand, some humans remain rigid and averse to any change, with time.

Each person has layers and layers of personality, which carry various dark and bright shades. I see through these shades by a mere look at them and understand the kind of person he/she might be. That is the fun part, of observing humans, as I am absolutely amazed by the variety and uniqueness of each person. Their personality is clearly depicted by their mannerisms, whether they are in a group or present themselves individually.

Humans as a whole interest me, as they are so complicated, yet so simple, now that might be a contradicting statement, but, that is a fact, as humans are an enigma, they are an amalgam of a host of personality components that are not only intriguing but mind-boggling as well.

Now you will ask me, “What is your observation about humans?” Well, that is an interesting question! The answer is any normal human being is a balance of his emotional, mental and spiritual quotient. Those who are able to balance these three intrinsic components of their personalities, turn out to be successful and lead a peaceful, content, and satisfying life, while those who are not able to strike a balance between these three components lead a life of discontent and constant mental strife. Their outward appearance shows their balanced or imbalanced attributes.

Family Dynamics

Family dynamics emerge out of relationships and internal family politics. It is all about who takes control as the head of the family and who follows the leader of the family. Those who quietly appease the head of the family and suppress their own wishes and desires for the sake of family peace and just live their lives according to the head of the family, just live their lives in his/her fear. They don’t have the guts to rebel against the leader of the family, even if he/she is wrong. But, those who are rebels, or are the black sheep of the family, tend to rebel against the head of the family and go their own way and lead their lives independently.

Incidents involving Humans

When I observe incidents involving humans, I see numerous aspects of humans altogether! These incidents can take place in a marketplace, a friend’s party. an office gathering or something which happened at the roadside! Humans amaze me when I observe them, constantly, in different scenarios and different incidents take place with them.

I wonder at times, that have I really seen it all, in this huge Kaleidoscope of the human population? Incidents can be like these, like the other day I saw a middle-aged woman being chased by an aged psycho, in a bustling marketplace! No matter what she did, she could not shoo him away, till she sat in her car! In the same way, I saw a hassled mother trying to feed her erratic toddler in a restaurant. She was controlling her anger and going about her business patiently and made sure to feed her kid, despite stiff resistance!

There was another incident, where I saw a group of youngsters on the roadside having a heated argument and I could clearly see a spew of emotions and tempers flying in the air! I was astounded to see one thing, which amused me no end and that was, that there was one girl, a young sprightly girl. who was pitted against a whole group of eight gutsy guys! After a fifteen-minute squabble, all of those guys finally seemed to listen to her and accede to her wishes. After she finished what she had to say, the boys demurely went back to business. 

Observing such an incident in the busy bustling streets of India, where the guys were literally defeated at the hands of a young girl, made me feel very proud of her. I think she was warning those guys to not do something, as she undeniably did not like it and had to put her foot down, maybe it was a personal or a professional issue. Such incidents bring out the character of humans and I love making a mental note of them.


 When I scrutinize relationships, then, I feel, that they are the most beautiful set of bonds among humans. They are the binding force, the soul of humanity, as a whole. Those who are are able to sustain their relationships and are able to nurture their bonds are able to lead a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.  

Each relationship, whether it is a parental bond, a bond of friendship, a sibling bond, or any other bond for that matter, is a complex mixture of emotions. Once these relationships are formed, they grow and mature with time. The most important aspect that I have noticed, in any relationship, is the effort that goes into sustaining it for a lifetime! 

  Parents need to constantly work towards providing healthy and all-around growth for their children and at the same time change their parenting techniques according to the times, otherwise, they face a huge communication gap, with their kids. Friendship is a bond, that is the best relationship of all, as it doesn’t have rules and it is full of affection and care. Mutual respect plays an important role in any friendship. Sibling bonds are again the cutest of all, as siblings grow up together, share the most cherished moments together and when they are adults, their mutual fondness grows by leaps and bounds, and certainly for any person, when it comes to his/her sibling, blood is thicker than water, no doubt!


Mood. What is a mood? Well, moods can be of a group or of a person. Moods create a vibrancy a defining character to any person or a group. Moods can again be varied, they can be filled with joy and enthusiasm, or they can be morbid and outrightly sad. Moods give a vibe to any person, a positive or a negative vibe, and his/her outside appearance exudes that vibe. The internal moods of any group or person create auras and these auras form positive and negative clouds around them. Moods are like waves that have higher crests when a person feels positive, happy, and full of life and they have lower crests, when they feel low and lost and have less hope and are filled with sadness and desperation. Moods permeate and seep into each group or person and according to my observation, moods define their basic essence and character.

Realities of Life

Now, coming to my observation of the realities of Life. I would honestly like to ask this question to all my readers, that how many of you are acquainted with the realities of life? What are they? How do you say in an assertive and affirmative way, that I am aware of the realities of Life? I would love to answer these questions, by saying that those people, who go through the vagaries of life and struggle through numerous challenges and ultimately emerge victorious, know the reality of life. 

The reality of life is that nothing comes easy. Each person has to strive to achieve success in whatever he/she does and this is true for everyone, whether they are rich or poor, or belong to any community. Another most prominent reality of life is that suffering is an integral part of our lives.

Sufferings are like the tests of God. They come in phases. Normally we suffer for a fixed amount of time and if we have the conviction to surmount the miseries and fight it out, we come out victorious! Each human faces these phases of suffering and how his/her life shapes up. totally depends on how they bravely battle it out and emerge victorious. The reality of life is that one must go with the flow and take life as it comes and be totally prepared for any eventuality. We have one life and we should strive to live it fully and savor every moment of it.

Phew! This blog has certainly turned out to be lengthy, but, I tried to put nearly all my observations, in relation to this interesting category of humans, in one blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, as I enjoyed writing it.

2 thoughts on “Human Observations

  1. Great observation. U have a ability to instinctively know people. From the blog I understood one thing. It’s your sheer confidence and ability to know people their mannerisms and their ” type” which makes u write so freely about them with a great amount of accuracy in your observation. Nice blog good thoughts. Keep it up


  2. Each topic well thought of and ” elaborated” very well. Specially realities of life. And Moods. Well written really. Thanks for this beautiful blog. It makes us think about life in a positive way and makes us ready to face anything that eventually is going to be faced by us .
    In a way reality of life is all about facing , enjoying, living and learning from every moment that our life gives us .
    So cherish it. Isn’t it preeti?


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