Death is that reality, which every human has to face in his life. It is the stark truth and no matter what it is the ultimate end, to which every human comes to and he has no way in which he could escape it.
From time immemorial, we have seen the struggle of man against death, if we read our scriptures, then. we come to know how our learned ancestors, tried their best to find a way to immortality, a way out , so that they continue to live forever. They might be suggesting, having various potions, or performing various meditative procedures, or doing end number of scientific techniques, so that death is defeated and life goes on forever.But, sadly, till date, man has not been able to win the battle against death.
When I try to think closely, as to what is death, then it is that end, which ends the journey called Life and probably takes you on a new journey, of an afterlife, about which no one can say definitely, that, yes there is journey of the soul, and there is something called rebirth.There have been end number of speculations, in a number of areas of study, which give confusing conclusions, which are again extremely baffling.
But, all in all death is a reality and not only humans, but every living being has to face it.Everything on earth has a definite life span and to end, is the natural outcome, of any living being,whether it is an elephant, a whale, or an ant, death is inevitable.Life is like that, it has been designed, by the Almighty in that fashion, that one life ends and then as time passes more lives take birth and life goes on, just in the same way, as an old tree dies and a a baby tree grows into a handsome new tree!
Now coming to the stark and most depressing part about death. When a person dies , he leaves grieving relatives behind, an irreplaceable vacuum, which cannot be filled ever, the memories, the presence of that person in your life and what he meant to you, remains with you forever. No one can ever get over the death of a loved one, the bond that he shares with the one he has lost cannot be replaced, ever.He/she lives in hearts of his beloved forever and in that way he has attained immortality!
One another utterly depressing aspect of death, is that a person’s alive and laughing self is replaced by a photgraph on the wall!If I lose a loved one, then the only way I can see him personally is, other than my memories, is a picture on the wall and then I try to comfort myself by emotionally relating to that picture and talking to it, just like we are talking to that loved person in real!
The Lord Almighty has designed our memories in such a way, that as time passes, the pain of losing that person fades away and we try to move on with Life, but the vacuum remains and a wise person, should understand that the person who he has lost , has only left him physically, if he tries then he can retain him in his memories and never feel that he has actually lost him!
Birth and death and the two most consequential realities, if you are born then you will die, so why fear death, what has to happen will happen, no matter what. If on a personal level, a person has to face the fact that he has to die and ultimately and whatever he does in his present life, or how much ever wealth and luxuries he amasses, he has to leave everything and everyone here and proceed on another journey after Death, then he will always be grounded and understand that being compassionate and understanding in whatever he does is of utmost importance.
Jealousy, Anger, Greed, hostlity, indifference, rivalry, leads a person nowhere. Whereas on the other hand, if you are kind hearted, affectionate, honest, loving and a sensitive person, not only towards your loved ones, but towards every person around you, then you lead a good and satisfactory life, without regrets and you will accept death with open arms, as you have given love and you have got love in return!
Death is inevitable and it comes with all its might and finishes one life, which might herald another life, as they say that, death is just the end of one physical self and the soul is immortal and it takes birth in another body and lives an entirely different life altogether! The marvel of that other birth is that the new person, doesnt remember a thing of his past life, and live his life as an entirely new person. The above theory has been contradicted, time a again and every different community, thinks on different lines.
The aridness of death, makes it so domineering and repulisive, that when a person thinks of the nature of what he will actually turn into, after being alive and breathing, builds up a fear in his heart, of the unknown. Every person fights death and if you ask me why, then the clear answer to this is that, he doesnt want to leave his loved ones, he wants to enjoy his life on earth and continue to enjoy the feeling of being alive.He wants to be close to those whom he loves and enjoy their companionship.
There is no end to this discussion of what is death and what man thinks about it, but what every person should think and believe in strongly is that, one day or the other one will die, so the need of the hour is live your life to the fullest and be a kind and compassionate humanitarian soul and make your life good and of the people around you, only then you will lead a life full of satisfaction and die peacefully.

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