The Outrightly Deplorable Pakistani Man

  I write this blog in no personal offense towards Pakistani men in particular, but yes through time and my own close scrutiny and utter displeasure, I have developed a strong dislike for them.None of my comments and observations, that I am going to reveal here, are not directed towards them, but this is a mere observation and as I am so full of hatred towards them, I would like to express it here on this public platform.

Being an onlooker, I am giving my opinions about them, only on a superficial basis and as I do have certain modes of exposure to them, though indirectly, through television serials and other media related reports I have a rough idea of the basic pakistani man.

I have been not only shocked, but sadly full of dismay, to see the deplorable condition of nearly all pakistani women, at the hands of their counterparts.I have seen innumerable cases wherein the man has an inflated ego and he is totally remorseless towards his woman.

There are many ways in how he downplays every aspect of his woman. First of all the basic mentality of his, is so full of the notion, that he is all powerful and he can do whatever he wants and the best part is that the entire male as well as female community supports him in whatever he does.Like, when a muslim man marries , then he can do so four times and by doing so, he has the liberty of getting another wife even without the consent of his first wife!

This age old concept of marrying four times, is so out dated that, now it seems very irrelevant.This concept was put in place centuries ago, when there was abject poverty and so a man was visualized as financial security. Henceforth, he married forlorn poor girls, with the purpose of giving them financial support and care in dire necessity.If this viewpoint is considered, then it is justified, but now when things have changed and the country has transformed economically, then this concept also should have been abandoned long ago. But, the fundamentalist muslim man has refused to let go of his past and has hopelessly clutched tight to his past habits,

In this entire scenario, the poor pakistani woman has suffered invariably at the hands of her man.Now he can divorce her whenever he wants, at this own free will, for any petty reason, or for no reason, or even if he doesn’t divorce he brings in two or three wives, who are forced to stay under one roof.All this down-trodden behavior evokes a strong sense of insecurity in all pakistani women and they constantly live in the fear that their men can either divorce them, or they can get another wife anytime.

The above fact is just one facet of the all round exploitation of the women. There the woman has to face the physical abuse and violent beatings also of their men at the drop of a hat. It is such irony that despite being educated and highly qualified and of course extremely beautiful, they live in the constant fear, that any day their husbands can, either divorce them, remarry or beat hem black and blue.

The dismal scenario is not the result of a day or few years down the line. It the result of generations of continuous and constant batter of the female sex on a deliberate basis. A typical pakistani man is brought up looking at his father behaving in a certain manner and now no matter how he is educated , he conscuously or unconsciously follows his footsteps and as a result batters the ego of his wife and tries to have ultimate control on whatever she does.

The sad part is, that these women are so caught up in the shackles of their men and the orthodox society, that they are not able to find a way put. All those women who look for liberation are considered rebels and they are not looked up with respect and if they try to portray themselves liberated and outgoing, then they are labelled as characterless and vile women.

I am not saying that all pakistani men are bad and they don’t have iota of goodness in them. There might be very decent and respectful men also over there, but the kind of impression you get from the serials and the media reports, you feel that it is so disgusting to be around them.Women do have a tough time with them and if they want equality and recognition in the society then they have to make conscious efforts to elevate their positions and make themselves worth giving the required respect and love.

Women in any society are indispensable and if they don’t get their place in the family and they are constantly exploited and pulled down then the future of that society is very bleak.Women should be brave to fight it out and speak up for themselves and face all the atrocities of her man with a heart of steel and not accept bad behavior at any cost.

Woman power is the strength of any nation and if that is lacking, then the overall development of the country is stunted and growth becomes very slow and full of obstacles.I know it is not easy for women to liberate themselves of the age old shackles of their society, but if a large number of women come together and refuse to bear with the atrocities of the men, then it is possible that things will change, in the beginning a little slowly, but as time passes, things should be better, as the future generation is at stake and their future is the prime responsibility of the present generation.

So it is my humble request to all pakistani women to wake and fight it out and I am sure they will find equality and liberation in the coming future, they only require determination and strong will power to achieve what they want, from the strongly fundamentalist society.They have to be patient and understand, that it is not easy and they will face a lot of resistance at the hands of their male counterparts. But, if they are insistent then things will change for the better, for them and for everyone around them.

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