Many times when life does not have much to offer then sets in boredom. Life is very strange in its ways , at times it is so full of so many things , lots of activities and many things to do. 

Then suddenly everything comes to a standstill, suddenly everything stops and you seem to bewildered and stunned. You are at a loss that , “Oh my God! ” this was not what I wanted.

Many things are not in your control , especially how events will take a turn, whether they will last or no.This turn of events leaves a person at a loss as now what should be done. There comes a lull a stop to all action . 

It is at this juncture that boredom sets in. Life becomes pointless and the worse part is that no one comes forward to help you also. There might be women who get all the attention and affection from their counterparts, but unfortunately there are many who don’t get this affection.

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