Concealed Deciet

Life is a complex mesh of a lot of incidents and one faces them with a bitter taste in the mouth, without being left with options or ways out. In the course of ones life, you get to see a myriad of emotions and get to meet a hoard of different kinds of people. These people, can be good and they can be nasty , to the level that they have an effect on your life in a very unusual way.

   The interesting part of this entire scenario is, that one does not have an alternative, but to face the consequences of the conspiring ways of other people. In this world there are different people with different kinds of natures and only those who are clean at heart, face a lot of flak at the hands of those who want to take undue advantage of them in various situations.

   I remember an instance of two neighbours ,who were the best of friends for the longest of times and their young ones also played together, but as time passed , one of them strayed away, as now she did not need the company of the other. This hurt the innocent one very badly and she really did not know what to do.

   The strangest part is that, the one who had hurt the other, had not even realised that she had intentionally or  unintentionally hurt the other. But the times are such that these things

 happen very normally and one does not even think twice before doing any such thing. It is not only disgusting, but also very saddening that humanity has gone down to such an extent that one person hurts the other  and does not even realise that they are doing something which might hurt the other for a lifetime.

   The only respite in such a situation is that one person handles the situation with a level headed attitude and is more mature and this is what eventually leads the person out of the the hurt, that is caused to him or her. I feel very surprised that how can one person be so conspiring and have such scheming plans for their own ulterior motives and once their motives are fulfilled, they just back off and then coolly live life as nothing has happened.

   I have noticed this behaviour in countless individuals and they do this selfish behaviour without any shame or remorse. Maybe, this is the result of the competitive times or the results of a faulty upbringing where there is constant sense of insecurity in the person who acts selfishly and henceforth when he does a few actions he does not feel any remorse for what he or she has done.

    These are very competitive times and when one has concealed Deceit in ones actions, then those actions are very harmful, for those surrounded by them. The only thing that a person should do is, be aware of such scandalous personalities and understand their scheming ways and just stay away from them.

    Life is very beautiful and there are countless things to be enjoyed about and one should not waste ones precious time on trivial things such as the Deceit of a person , who was behaving in such a way because he had selfish motives.

   These people should be left in their own evil world and one should enjoy life to the fullest as such botheration can be detrimental for ones growth..



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