My Dilemma

Life has always been a dilemma for me and I have always wondered, how things would be different for me, if I did not have the life which I have at present.I am a very sensitive and emotional person at heart and at many occasions, I have been in numerous challenging situations , but now I am faced with a dilemma of, whether to continue with my life as it at present, or dispose off everything and be left with nothing.

    It is strange that one person, who is so energetic and motivated a few months back, is suddenly left with endless amount of frustration and desperation and the funny part is, that all this is ,without any reason.I am surprised at myself and at my beliefs and I when I ponder over it further, then I believe that this might be a passing phase.

   I have seen so many failures and disappointments in my life, that I feel that, when there is happiness then, it will be short-lived and it will not last forever.I am a very simple person with very simple demands and these simple demands have always been fulfilled materialistically,On an emotional level there has always been a vacuum and that vacuum has been expanding everyday. I sometimes find myself surrounded by so much of desperation and dullness, that I feel lost and unwanted.

    My never-ending dilemma, is a quagmire of webbed emotions,wherein, I am so deeply enmeshed,that I don’t know how I will disentangle myself and come out it.My thoughts have always been pure and clear on certain issues, but when it comes to certain bothering issues, I am never able to solve them on a mental level, so I start feeling frustrated, but then there is always a silver lining to everything and it is this silver lining which makes life worthwhile for me.

    There are always dilemmas for people in their lives, but only the wiser people are the ones who are able to come out of their dilemmas and be victorious in their lives.

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