Life comes a full Circle

Life is a melancholic thing and people often fail to understand its impact and significance because they are so lost and caught up in their act of making a living, that they lose a definite contact with life in real!Life is beautiful and everyone should enjoy it to the fullest and crib and rave and rant all the time with things happenings in their day to day routine.

    Now a days life is so fast paced and happening all the time that people don’t have the time to stop and take stock of what is happening around them, who is happy and who is not and what is the real essence of life. Life is so beautiful with loads of things and loads of emotions and feelings and now it is very sad to know that very few people care for emotions and sensitivities and the things which the heart says.

      It is so important to listen to your heart and it is even more important to care for one and everyone and when you start looking around you, you will understand that life is much more than the money you earn and much much more than the cars and property you own and when it comes to taking pleasure in the laughter of your child, or the joy of your child growing up and making a place for himself or herself is something else!

    Life comes a full circle when you start thinking, start thinking about who you are and what actually you feel for things around you, rather than running around like a fool earning money and owning end number of materialistic things and it is only when that  person loses contact with life, that he realises that life isn’t money and parties and office and crazy work schedules and absolutely absurd travel plans and when he contemplates about life, it is only then he realises that life is indeed wonderful, exquisite and enthralling!

    Working hard and earning money is one thing, but understanding life and living life to the fullest is another thing altogether. One should work hard and earn as much he has the capacity to, but if he stops understanding the value of the little joys and the actual fun of life then he stops living, he is just existing and that does not make your life meaningful, it makes your life, lifeless and dry and frigid.

    One should earn, live and love life as a whole and not just eat breathe and work, because if that happens, then you lose life and stop living altogether!

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