The Chauvinistic Indian Male

 An Indian Man is the most deplorable man In the entire world and ours being the second most populated nation in the world, we have the worst men in the world!

   I am an Indian woman and I face the wrath of an Indian man at every step of my life, whether it is at home with my kids or as a person who would like to wear different kinds of colours and would like to shop like mad and of course cook the way I want and feed them according to my wish without having to listen to continuous taunts from my husband, in short I would like FREEDOM, but the Indian male is so obsessed with the habit of controlling his woman, that he will never allow her to do anything with her wish and that is so disgusting!

     An Indian man will do anything to control, not only his woman but also his family and he is so narrow minded that he will not even listen to his family’s wishes and that leads to hostility and unrest within the family and a lot of frustration wells up with his woman. Some women accept their men with all their dominant attitude and all, but what about those who don’t and it is those women  who suffer the most.

    They are labelled as rebels and looked down upon by young and the older people alike, the younger that is the husbands fight and quarrel with their wives to make their way done and the elders like the mother in laws and father in laws say that the women are disrespectful. I ask why????

   Can’t a woman have a free will, can’t she have her own choice of opinions and decisions? After all she is also a rational thinking individual with her own brains, but the Indian man says rhetorically, “Ha a woman does not have brains !”

   It is so frustrating and suffocating that she feels stifled and she feels life is sucked out of her to the core. In some women they are driven to suicide while others divorce and live separate lives.

   The whole situation is so dismal and disgusting, that there does not seem to be any scope for the Indian man to understand any woman, as his mentality and basic understanding towards life is so biased towards his own gender, right from the time he was born that it seems impossible for an Indian man to ever change.

  To make matters worse every Indian man is so rigid and narrow- minded in his approach towards life, that it is difficult to convince him and make him realise his fault at any stage in his life.

   The educated man or the uneducated man all are alike, male chauvinists and the most difficult part is to be with an Indian husband.

   I ask you all readers and if there are Indian men among all of you, are you not like that, as I told you that you are and I ask all the men of the world, out there, why do you think that women are lesser than you in any way! Do try and give it a thought.


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