The Hypocrite!

 I am a very cheerful and helpful kind of person who loves to be around people and enjoys their  company and it is very easy for me to make a friend. As I am of such a nature I trust people very fast and and believe in long term friendships. But sadly from the time I have shifted from my most cherished and beloved city, I have not been able to make a single good friend in this city of absolute hypocrites!

   Most of the people around here in this city are so immersed in their own lives that they don’t care for anyone around them and to make matters worse they are very selfish and self centred. It is really atrocious! I mean how can a person be so selfish, that whenever they start a relationship or a friendship, they do it for a purpose! How can a person do that ! Friendship is so  natural and you don’t befriend a person for a purpose, it just happens and when someone behaves like as though she is your best friend and your close confidante and you spend hours chatting with her and suddenly one fine day she dumps you like a hot cake!

   I was shocked as I had started trusting her and thinking that she is a good friend of mine and I behaved accordingly. I loved her daughter a lot and really cared for her and adjusted according to the whims and fancies of her naughty and short tempered daughter. My son was just four years old and he enjoyed playing with my friends daughter, so thus started a routine of both the kids spending every evening together.

 Every evening my son looked forward to seeing her daughter and when she came he beside himself with joy when he saw her and he played various different kinds games with her. As time passed the two little kids grew extremely fond of each other and not only my son, my daughter was also equally fond of her daughter. Most of the evenings were spent with my fiends daughter and naturally I spent my time chatting with her and slowly the kids grew up and so did our feelings for each other, became  deeper and a good mutual understanding was built.

  In fact the friendship was so deep that she consulted me before planning for a second baby and i happily gave my advices, regarding her problems and questions ,when she takes such a major step to have another baby. I advised her according to my experiences as I had two kids and she was planning her second one so I helped her out in telling her about the responsibilities she will have to fulfil she is strapped with the care of two kids without the help of her extremely busy husband.

   As time passed she conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I was overjoyed as I had literally seen her little baby growing in her womb! I congratulated and was very happy that she has a complete family now.

  But ,suddenly this so called friend of mine started showing her true colours. She started ignoring me and whenever she saw me she turned her back to me. I was flabbergasted! In the beginning I thought that maybe I might have told her something bad or she might be going through the initial pangs of motherhood , so I did not bother. But as time passed I saw that she stopped sending her daughter ti my home as now the girl was busy with her brother. I mean I am not saying that they dont have their own family life, but suddenly when she stopped sending her daughter to my place, my son became very sad and he started feeling guilty that maybe he has done something wrong. The poor little boy all of nine years old went into depression just imagine1

   Now this the height of hypocrisy! I now understood that till now all this drama of being a friend of mine and maintaining a relationship was purely a put-up facade! She was desperate to stop the relationship between me and her, but was helpless due to her daughter’s attachment to my son.

  I now came to know, that she thought very bad of me ,as I was a simple and traditional kind of person who valued her traditions, whereas she was a shallow person an exact opposite of me.

   All this time she was playing and evil game of hypocrisy with me and I was totally unaware of it!Anyways now I have learnt a lesson and even thought she stays right opposite my house I refuse to to even look at her ugly face. It really has hurt me badly, her behaviour and and her shallowness. But this is life it taches you the hard way Thats how it is. But from now on I will be more alert with these kinds of black sheep, hidden in the garb of sweet friendship and never ever ever will I allow anyone to take advantage of my feelings for their own good.


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