The Red-light Rendesvous

Well, at the outset I want to clarify, that this this not a narration of experience with any prostitute or gigolo! It is an innocent account of my experiences at the jam-packed red-lights at various junctures,in this bustling metropolis.It talks of my observatory powers related to people and their varied expressions at these points.It is amazing to see such a variety of people, looking at the traffic signal, with a bated breath and cursing it scores of times, as to why it is obstructing their daily routine.I will relate to you some of my amusing experiences at the red-light and how I tried to gauge the inner thoughts of these people waiting for life to start again!

   Now this incident happened about four or five years back, when my kids were small and I was scurrying from one activity class to the other, in an attempt for them to learn something new. I was waiting at one of the busiest intersections at the IFFKO Chaunk in Gurgaon and suddenly I saw a car pull up near me and I could not help but peep into the car and there I saw two women who were animatedly talking to each other. They seemed to be having a heated argument over some issue ans things did not seem to be alright at all.

   Now, I could not stop myself from guessing as to what they might be arguing about, as by nature I am a very inquisitive person. My imaginative skills started working overtime and suddenly the light turned green and I saw the car whizzing past me and I saw something  written behind the car! It was the car of the” Doon School Graduate.” This made think about the lives of young hostellers living away from their parents and the kind of mindset those girls have.Among the two women in the car there was an aged lady, who looked like the mother and the one driving the car was an attractive and cute looking young women.

   Now I guessed that maybe the girl wanted to marry a boy of her choice, or she wanted to work in a company of which her mother did not approve at all, or from worse to worse the girl might be pregnant before marriage and she was insisting in keeping the baby, despite all odds!

  Anyways whatever the situation was I had a lot of fun in concocting various stories around these two women.Then a few days back I saw a man who was sweating in the summer heat and he was carrying huge bags on his scooter and lo and behold his feet were not on the brakes! I was not only shocked but I also had pity on the plight of the man who was slogging the whole for a paltry amont of money at the end of the day.

  About two three months back our whole family was out on a road trip to Chandigarh and suddenly I saw two youngsters waiting at the red light and they constantly peering into our car.At first I did not bother but when they started following our car it got scary and I was jittery as to what would happen next. But then my husband was smarter and he cleverly manipulated the car in such a way that those boys could not follow us anymore.

  Many times I see women waiting at the red-light in the swanky luxurious cars, all decked up for some party or get-together and the look on their face depicts excitement and frustration at the same time!These so called rich women are the ones who turn around and look at the other people in their cars with disdain and they feel that they are the queens of the world.

  One last person who I remember at the traffic signal was a young person on a bike and he was looking into my car continuously, I ignored him but then I thought that what might he be thinking of me sitting in grand SUV  and looking so plump and satisfied with life! I thought that he might be cursing me in his thoughts, and wondering how I can be so happy while he has to sweat in the sun!

   So those were a long list of my encounters with people on the red-light and I must say they entertain me all the time and looking at them makes me realise how life life comes to a standstill at these signals and how different people react in different ways at these junctures.




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