Motherhood is a boon for any woman.When a woman becomes a mother then she experiences the most beautiful aspect of her life. When a woman first comes to know that she is pregnant and she is going to have a baby in a few months, then she is on the brink of the start of a lovely experience which will be a part of her life forever.When a woman carries her baby in her womb then she goes through an ethereal experience of being the closest to her baby in his nascent months when he has not even taken birth.When she first feels her baby moving inside her then the feeling is heavenly that cannot be expressed in words.

A baby brings a lot of joy in woman’s life. Her day starts with her baby and ends when her baby sleeps.Her baby’s smile makes her day and when her child takes his first steps then her heart jumps with joy. For a woman her child is her life and every single new development in her child makes her feel elated.For a mother who is bringing up her little bundle of joy, her child is the world for her and no matter how he looks whether fair or dark, for the mother her child is the most beautiful and the most attractive child in the world.

A mother is an epitome of sacrifice and when she brings up her child she never thinks that she is doing some duty or a favour to someone, she thinks that it is the most important job in the world for her.What she feels for her child is something which only she can feel and the child for whom she is having that feeling.Motherhood calms down the woman and makes her more mature and wiser and when she takes care of her child she feels so special and when her child smiles at her then she feels blessed and privileged.

For a child his mother is the most important person in his life and he really cares for her as she takes care of his every need and whim and fancy.When the mother and child are together then they don’t need anyone else as they are complet with each other. When the child cackles and laughs with his mother then it is the most beautiful sight to watch.The pair are always happy with each other and child knows that all his needs will be taken care of by the mother no matter what.

Every mother always takes care of her child, even when there are adverse situations she has to face while taking care of him. When the child is sick and the mother has to take care of the child then she never complains to anyone and she takes care of him despite facing all sorts of problems.Sickness of any kind whether it is short or long the mother is always there for her child.

Women who have kids with lifelong diseases such as a case of mental retardation or incurable diseases then the relation between a mother and the child reaches another level. A child with a abnormal brain is always very difficult to handle and it is only the mother who knows what is best for her child and she goes beyond her physical abilities in taking care of the child.

I have seen cases where very shockingly the woman leaves her disabled child forever only because she has social pressure and she cannot take care of the child! I had been to an institute where I saw a lot of women leaving their mentally retarded kids to the place and did not come back for hours to pick up their child.They just wanted to be away from their kids. For them their kids were like burdens and they did not have the heart to let go social pressure and take care of the child with their whole heart. I think somewhere deep down even they wanted to get rid of their mentally disabled child.

It is shocking that how can a mother be like this, when I heard of this I was shocked beyond words. A mother is an epitome of love and sacrifice and when she fails to do her duty then it not only shocking but also such a strange phenomenon that any normal person cannot understand as to why some women behave like this.

Motherhood is certainly a boon a privilege which given to us by God and we should always do our duty of bringing up our kids in the best possible way.When you are a mother you should understand that it is your moral duty to take care of your child no matter what. If the child is sick then it is not his fault, then why should a mother ignore him and leave him alone.

When you are a mother you should understand your duties and be a good mother as it is mother who actually makes the society. It she who rears her child ad teaches him how to be a good citizen. It is the values she gives to her child which makes a person in his life. A woman has to be very careful while rearing her child and it is good motherhood which makes a person’s whole life and his nature.

Henceforth whenever you become a mother you should realise that when you are bringing up your child you are doing a very important job and we should all do good job of it as it is our prime duty towards sour society.

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