When she met God(Story)

Rati was a little cute girl who enjoyed every aspect of her life and lived it fully.She was a naughty kid who got a thrill in jumping over walls and scampering from one place to the other.She had a very secure childhood, where her parents loved her and she loved her sister and mother and everyone in return, she had a lovely life on the whole.She was a bright girl who was good in her studies, so she was loved and adored by her parents even more so. Rati had a lot of friends in her neighbourhood and she thoroughly enjoyed and played with them. On the whole she had a great life and she was a happy kid, her mother prepared tasty food and beautiful cakes on her birthday and also sewed lovely frocks for the party.

Rati had a very exciting life, she was more of an outdoor kid who loved playing outside with her friends and as a kid she was hardly aware as to what will her life be when she grows up. She was not aware that when she grows up she will have a very difficult life and the presence of God will be so crucial in her life, that she could not imagine a single moment without his presence around her. Although her family was of Hindus she did not see her mother doing the regular pooja and lighting of the diya in the home temple, as was the norm in most Hindu houses. But her parents strongly believed in God and the family used to visit the temple of a very popular God every year.Rati was also not exposed to the presence of God in a very strong way even with her friends, who were also kids as her, and they also did not mention the presence of God or even talked about it. Of course you will say which child talks of God as they hardly get time from play, but if kids are exposed to temples and other religious things, then they do talk about it.As time passed Rati grew up to be a smart, intelligent and energetic child. She had a lot friends and loved sports.One morning when she was about eight years of age she was feeling a little uneasy in her stomach.She was having a slight stomach ache but she did not bother very much as it was slight and she thought that after some time the pain would go away.

But after an hour or so the pain increased and became very severe and at that time all the kids had gone on the school ground for sports and she was all alone. She was in pain and she did not know what to do, when she suddenly saw her teacher enter the classroom.Her teacher asked her as to why she was in the class and had not gone for sports.She told her that her stomach was paining that is why she  was in the class.She could see how she was in pain as it writ large on her face.She sat down beside her and told her to close her eyes and when she did, she also closed her eyes and held her hand and lay it on her stomach and then when Rati opened her eyes surreptitiously, she saw her mumbling a prayer very quietly in whispers.She  just stared at her in surprise, as she really did not know what to do.After two or three minutes the pain just vanished! She was so surprised as it was her first experience with the presence of God! She could literally feel his presence around her, it was divine!  She had actually witnessed it and been a part of a miracle!

The experience was out of the world.At one moment she was in excoriating pain and the next moment the pain vanished, not to return again! That was the moment when she had met God, though not in person, but she had felt his presence in very strong way.The whole experience was life changing for her and now she could feel God all around her.The teacher had made her feel the existence of God in her life and on many occasions when she was in tricky situations she had seen how God had helped her and salvaged her out of those situations in a jiffy.

Once a close friend of her had tried to talk behind her back and told bad things about her to another girl and Rati had accidentally seen her doing that and when she complained to the teacher about this, the friend was punished her for doing a bad deed.On that day if Rati had not seen her friend talking to another girl and heard her telling bad things about her , then she would never have known the evil side of her friend.God has his ways of helping out his disciples and he does so in a very quiet way, which  always benefits them in the long run.

After this episode Rati had become a strong believer in God and she used to go the church everyday and lay a small rose at feet of the idol of Jesus Christ and then pray to him.She heard from someone, that if you want put flowers in temple or a church then you  should put them without smelling them as ,then they would be pure.One thing Rati noticed was that when she went to church she was all alone and hardly anyone of her friends came with her to the church and the kind of peace and solitude she felt when she was in the church praying and communicating with God was something which cannot be expressed in words.

She had met God in big way and God was now going to be a part of her life always and he was going to help her in her difficult life ahead, by solving her problems in difficult situations and making things easy when they looked very difficult for her. Rati did have a tough life but with the presence of God everything seemed to be so easy and wonderful!


3 thoughts on “When she met God(Story)

    • Thanks Miss Lottie,is that your real name.Do you have a gmail id, I wanted to know as even I have a gmail Id if I know yours then we can chat sometimes as we both are at home and we can find time to chat with each other.It will be good to know you as a person.


      • As you know from my blog, no Charlotte is not my real name, I’m not able to really share more than what is on my blog I’m afraid because my family is quite high profile – I’m not even supposed to really be online and if my brothers found out I had a blog I would be in big trouble and it would be shut down. I am very happy to exchange comments on our blogs though 🙂 I’m in lessons all day up until the evening as I’m home schooled so the only time I can update my blog is later in the evening. I hope to read more of your blog.


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