A Day in my Life

 I start my day at six in the morning when I wake up and then rouse my kids from sleep from school.They get ready while prepare their milk ,lunch and breakfast .After I drop them to school I come  back, relax for sometime with the newspaper and a cup of tea.and I put on the news on the television too. By doing so I open up myself to the happenings of the previous day.I really enjoy this part of the day as I am undisturbed and I calmly read the various happenings in solitude.

    At around eight or eight thirty my husband wakes up and he starts his daily activities of getting ready for office.While he is getting ready I prepare his breakfast and after he leaves I settle down with my laptop.I start checking my blog status and check my mails and during that duration the doorbell keeps ringing with the dhobi, milkman and the maids coming in.After the maids start their work, i settle down with my blogging and writing stories.

   I must say that the satisfaction I get in writing is immense and because I have no disturbance I am able to write even more efficiently.After about two hours I go for a walk in the nearby park and after that I come back and freshen up.Then I have my lunch and then I watch some TV.After that my daughter comes back at two o’clock and then i give her her lunch.After that we sit and chat with other talking about our day and after an hour my son comes back from school.I give him lunch and then he changes clothes and starts watching some TV.

   I then come to my bedroom and start reading some book and listening to some music.After about an hour, son comes to me with his home work  and after he completes his work, he rushes off to the neighbouring park and I sit with a cup of tea and a magazine.The my maids come and I get the evening work done and after that my son comes back from the park and then my husband comes back from work.i give him tea and then we sit and chat after that he sits with his alptop and completes his work of the office and I start laying out the table for dinner.

  At around  eight thirty we have dinner and then we all go for a walk and after returning we all sit and chat and chill out before retiring to bed.

   I know my daily routine is not too exciting, but that is a day in most of our families.Things become exciting only when there is festival or an occasion to celebrate,but normal routine are just the one which I have above.


One thought on “A Day in my Life

  1. I can relate to your life too, Miss. We have house staff too but I am home-schooled so I am here most of the time, just like you’re at home alot. I like being home though!


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