I am Angry

Today I am really angry, as for no reason I am being insulted and blamed for no fault of mine.If you were in my place even you would be angry as it is a very peculiar situation for most of us.I feel so agitated that someone is trying to overpower me and rule my decisions and discretions whereas actually they have no power and damn authority to do so!

  It really feels bad when someone tries to dominate you and tries get you to do things even though those things are not in your power.It feels bad that how can anyone stoop to such low levels when their desire or wish is not fulfilled and then when they listen to a no then they feel let down and insulted for no reason.I think this is the worse that anyone can do.After all what authority does anyone have to make someone do anything.Actually these are mentally deranged people who are living under this illusion that they are the best and everyone else will do everything according to their whims and fancies.

   I am shocked at their immaturity and the narrow mindedness.They don’t have a heart to take a no for an answer and when they actually listen to a no they can’t believe it and the worse part is that they start insulting and hurling irrelevant abuses which have no base at all. I feel pitiful towards these kinds of people as I feel that they are entangled in their own trap throughout their lives and most of the time they end up as being recluses and losers in their lives!

   If I actually have to analyse them closely, then I feel that they are truly very weak inside and that is the reason they have a false facade on the outside to show the people that they are strong but inside they are very weak and scared of the world.

  Anyways whatever is the reason I feel relieved after writing this blog and telling that I am angry and you will be surprised that now I am not angry anymore!    

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