What is pain? Well if I have to define what pain is, in simple terms then it is the feeling of discomfort when you get hurt anywhere on your body.It is the message given by your mind that some part of your body is uncomfortable, it has been hurt. But pain in the larger sense is the most predominant feeling in a person’s life. It is pain which evokes sadness, grief and desperation. Now you will ask me how can one  feeling of pain evoke such varied kind of sad emotions. Pain is such an intense emotion that when you think about it a host of varied visions cross your mind.

    You might think of the pain you felt when you lost your lover to death or to someone else, you  might think of the pain you felt you felt when you lost one of your beloved, your son, daughter or parent or grandparent or any other close one. You might also think of the pain of being neglected and ignored in love, you might also think of the pain you are feeling as your close one is suffering due to a disease or an ailment. You might think of the pain you might have felt when justice was denied to you and you did not get justice due to a wrong committed towards you.

    So, pain manifests itself in such magnitude in your life that sometimes you don’t even realise that you are in the midst of such intense pain as it numbs your sense of time and you tend to stop measuring the time duration in which you were in pain. Like an expecting mother who is in labour pain can never actually make out that how long has she been writhing in pain and waiting for her baby to be delivered.

    Pain, when I come to think of it as a child, then, I would only think of the physical pain I felt when I got hurt anywhere on my body. I can also think of the pain I felt when I lost a race even though I tried my best. I still remember vividly how I slipped and fell and I came second in a race on my sports day of the school. I still remember the pain I felt when someone else was given more importance than me, that really pained, as I felt that I was in no way lesser than the other.

    As I grew up I started feeling the pain when a friend spurned my advances for friendship, just because she found me less attractive. It pained and it pained badly when I was wrongly implicated of doing things which I had not actually done. Like when I was blamed of hurting someone powerful whereas actually I had not and because of the fact that I was scared of that person I did not openly say that I had not hurt him or her.

   I have seen people in pain when their close ones have been sick. There was this friend of mine who had a mentally challenged daughter. She was is constant pain as she could do nothing to cure her daughter, though she was brave enough to bring up her daughter in a very positive manner, as she never felt that her daughter was lesser than any other child. She took her child out to every party and outing and was never ashamed that she had such a daughter, but her whole family was in constant pain,In pain because they could not cure the child and had to see her suffer everyday. This is such an intense pain which any parent goes through when his child is sick that no other pain equals this pain.

   This same pain is experienced by any person who sees his close one suffer due to disease or any other reason.The close one can suffer due to fact that he has been jilted in love and he can never come out of the shock, it can be the pain of a close one when he is depressed and suffers everyday. When a close one suffers then your heart bleeds and it becomes even more intense when you are helpless and you can do nothing about it. Pain that is felt when you see you own close one in pain is even more painful than the pain which you feel for yourself.

   Pain is also felt when justice is denied to you. Like if you are wronged due to some reason, someone powerful has hurt you and when the time has come for him to be punished then you can’t do anything as he is very powerful. This kind of pain quietly enters your life ,when for years you struggle against this powerful person and you become helpless as no matter how much you try, you can’t do anything as he is very powerful and law is also on his side. There is a saying that “justice delayed is justice denied”, but during the time it is delayed you feel intense pain as you feel all the doors are closed and you can never find justice.

   The people who face this situation where justice is denied to them become very disappointed as things are not turning around as they want them to turn around, but the positive factor of facing so much pain is that they become more powerful and determined and as time passes they become more strong and they want to defeat their adversary no matter what.

   Pain is also felt when your child does not live up to your expectations and he is not as successful in life as he should be.You also feel pain because of child when he turns out to be selfish and does not take care of his parents when he grows and becomes independent.

   When a lover is jilted by his paramour then the pain is very intense and sometimes the one who is jilted cannot come out of this pain in his entire life! To be rejected in love is a very intense pain and when a person faces that pain then at times he is even driven to take his life! Henceforth a person should be sensible enough that if you are rejected in love then you should not lose your rationale and let good sense prevail and do things which will not harm you and none of your resulting actions should be the cause of pain for any of your close ones.

   Now if I try to really go into the details of the vast range of things which cause pain to any of us then I will write so much that you will feel bored at a certain stage, so let me leave it at this stage and I am sure all of you might have understood how pain manifests itself in so many different ways in our lives.No matter how it manifests itself, pain should not rule your life in such a way that you lose your sense of judgement. One should understand that pain is there in every person’s life and the wise person is that who takes it in his stride and becomes stronger and faces it with all his might and comes out victorious after facing it with grit and determination.

   Pain is there in various forms and because it is there we can understand what is the meaning of pleasure and when we feel the pleasure after a long phase of pain, then and only we understand the intensity of the pain in which we were. When we are going though pain, we are like facing a storm, but when the pain recedes, it is then that we realise that how much pain we were facing. So we should face pain bravely and as time passes we will come out of it and enjoy the pleasures of life.


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