Joy is a fabulous emotion and when you feel it you feel euphoric.It is sometimes momentous and at other times it lasts for a long time.It shows on the face of an innocent child when he gets his favourite toy from his father and it also flashes on his face when he gets a small toffee from his friend!That is the miracle of this emotion called joy.As they say the little drops of water make an ocean in the same way little drops of joy make the large feeling of happiness!

     Joy, the word itself is so positive and it brings a smile to your face and whenever anyone feels joyous not only him but the people around him feel happy and joy is spread out everywhere around him.A mother feels joyous when she first looks at her child smiling at her and even when she sees her child taking his first step!This joy is incomparable with any other joy and I know that every mother experiences it and only she can tell how she feels when she first sees her child doing unforgettable things during his childhood.

   Joy plays on the face of a winners face when he wins a match or a race, that joy is a joy which not only makes him joyous but also his country and his close ones.Every person experiences this emotion of joy on many occasions and when you work hard for a long duration and then you finally achieve what you want from yourself then that joy is ultimate.It is the win over his physical self, it is the win despite all the odds, it is the win after endless hours of tremendous hard work and when you finally achieve what you wanted to after years, then that joy is something which cannot be compared with any other joy in any sportsperson’s life.

  Joy and admiration also shows on a person’s face when he sees his beloved looking really lovely and that joy is not only joy, it is the feeling of being happy to be the part of a person’s life who he loves dearly and when that person looks lovely and smiles at him then that person feels an entirely different kind of joy.Love evokes that feeling of joy and it is not momentary it keeps on growing as time passes by and years keep piling up.

  Joy is an ethereal feeling it is divine and when there is joy in a person’s life then the person’s life is full of satisfaction and contentment.After all how does a person get joy?Well that depends from person to person as to what makes him happy.A poor and hungry man will show joy on his face when he gets food from someone, or he is able to earn that food after a lot of toiling and hard work.

   On the other hand a rich man will be joyous when he achieves success in his work or his wife will be happy when she gets a diamond ring from her husband! What I want to say is that joy is a feeling which every person feels but, when he will feel that joy, that totally depends on the person and how he feels about things and what will make him happy.Every person has his own level of feeling content and happy and whenever he feels content and happy and achieves what he wants to achieve then he experiences that feeling of joy and this joy is lon lasting.

  Momentary joys are joys which come and go in flashes, such as a smile when you see something good or pleasant.These joys are like little droplets of life in any person’s life and they make a person’s life meaningful and happy.If you are feel joyous with your partner and he makes you smile and feel happy then your life is full of contentment.Little joys come in your family the form of happy moments in between family members and siblings.They can also come in between friends and relations and it is these happy moments which make your life worth living and meaningful.

  Henceforth to sum it up joy or the feeling of joy is a gift from God and every person feels this emotion in his lifetime and it this emotion that keeps him going even in tough times.God blesses every person with this feeling of joy at sometime or the other in his life, though for some this feeling of joy is less while for others it is more and I have never been able to understand as to why God gives more joy to some and less to others.But whatever it is joy makes a person’s life worth living.





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