An Onlooker in the Market Place

I love observing people and it is my favorite hobby and whenever I  get to watch people I really have a lot of fun.When you observe people you come in contact of a myriad kind of moods and attitudes and if you are good at gauging the body language of the people, then it is even more fun, as you are able to make out what is going in the minds of the people and then you enjoy the thought processes of so many people!

  Although I am an introvert by nature, but I don’t mind the company of people sometimes, but when it comes to observing people I enjoy it thoroughly because I am indirectly in contact with a lot of people and I am able to enjoy their various moods and natures as an onlooker.From the ringside when you observe people without them being aware, that you are watching them, then they are also natural in their surroundings and I am able to see them in a light of which even they are not aware.They behave naturally and if they are happy they show and if they are sad they show it, there is no artificiality or camouflaging of their moods.

   I observe people in public places, such as restaurants, malls and other such places.I got an opportunity to observe some people when I was in the market place yesterday and I must say it was the most enjoyable time I have had in a long time.I got this opportunity when I had to wait in the market just before a doctor’s appointment and I had to just sit and do nothing but, wait for the time to pass.

   I bought a cold drink and sat on a bench in front of a shop and waited for the time of my doctor’s appointment.This bench was right opposite a very popular shop and the bench was on the side of the path which was the entry and exit to the market.I could see various kinds of people walking towards the market and towards the shop.Many of them were hurrying out of the market  too and I got to see a lot in those thirty minutes I was watching the people coming and going into the market and to the shop.

  It was five days to Diwali(the most important Hindu festival of India) and there was frenetic activity in the market with people milling around to buy Diwali gifts and sweet meats and just in front of me adjacent to the shop in front of me, the shopkeeper had put up a few benches laden with gift hampers of dry fruits and various other kinds of gift hampers.

  The first thing I noticed that day, was a couple who was modestly dressed, who seemed to be a middle class couple and they were browsing through the items displayed on the gift hamper bench adjacent to the shop.This couple hardly saw a few hampers and then walked by musing as to how will they buy such expensive items, it appeared like as though they were discussing as to how would they buy such expensive hampers and gift them as their budget did not allow them to do so.I was wondering as to why they were looking for hampers in this market which was very upmarket and posh and people who belonged to the upper and rich class visited  it to buy stuff for themselves.They could have gone to a cheaper market for their Diwali shopping.

  Anyways, they might have had a reason, maybe the boy wanted to buy an expensive gift for his boss to impress him.The other couple I saw was a young couple, they seemed to be married as their body language showed it and the girl was intently looking at the hampers and looking at their price tags and she was discussing things with her husband in his ear.The girl was smartly dressed in tight jeans and a stylish top and she had very trendy footwear with a clickety-clackety heels which were transparent.

    They did not wait at the gift bench for long and then the girl walked into the shop to buy some stuff from inside. The girl seemed to be the more assertive of the two as she was walking forward even ahead of the boy and the boy though he was participating in the actions of the girl, he was not particularly doing anything in deciding what to buy.The couple looked like as though the girl was the more dominant of the two.

  Then I saw a woman come out of the shop with two chattering and agitated kids behind her.The kids seemed to be very interested in what the mother was carrying in her arms and they wanted to get it from their mother as soon as possible. The mother was apparently carrying something to eat in her hands and when I turned around to my left I saw that just next to my bench she had her whole family sitting over there and all of them were waiting for the food which she got for them.The kids were around five or six years and once they got their snack they happily started eating it and were continuously chatting with each other while eating the snack.

    This lady and her kids looked like as though they really loved each other, naturally a mother and her kids will love each other, but one thing I noticed was that the mother seemed to be hassled and bothered with something all the time, she was hassled when her kids were following her for food and even after they ate she seemed to be hassled.I wonder at times that why are people so hassled and restless and why they don’t seem to be satisfied in the present moment.They always seem to want more all the time!

  During the time I was watching all these people at close quarters, there was a continuos flow of people in front of me, there were hurried couples walking past  me out of the market.there were women walking into the market and then they were youngsters lolling at the entrance of the market waiting for someone and then some young girls went by who were wearing some very fashionable and revealing clothes and it being India many of the people were ogling at them.

   I was in the middle of all this frenetic activity of people passing by and some sitting and chatting on the benches and enjoying the good weather, while others were walking into the shop opposite me and others were browsing through  the gifts hampers. I noticed a general sense of calm and throbbing excitement in the crowd at the same time. A big festival was round the corner and it was evening time and the people were coming into the market with thoughts about as to what they should buy or just have a good time in one of its restaurants.

  All in all the people were happy and they passed on their feeling of happiness to me and made me feel happy and joyous when I left the bench and stepped into the building for my doctor’s appointment.This whole experience of mine wherein I was exposed to various moods and different kinds of people in a short span of time, left me feeling very happy and content as, as a person I enjoy observing people and when I got to observe so many people who were happy, it in turn made me really happy.

  It is difficult to understand the nature of so many people at one glance but, if you have a passion to observe them and you enjoy doing so, then it is not difficult as you gradually develop the knack of doing it accurately.You basically have to enjoy the company of people and when you are a mute spectator and you are watching them as an onlooker then it is even more fun.

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