Has anyone among you felt helpless?I know many among you will say yes, as this feeling is universal and many people feel helpless at some time or the other in their lives.I have felt helpless when I am faced with the same situation again and again emotionally.I have felt this way when I am not able to change anything no matter what, according to my wish.The feeling of helplessness is so overpowering that I feel lost and totally powerless and desperate.I have felt this way many times over and no matter how much I pray or try to turn things in my favor, I am not able to do so, as things are out of my control and they don’t change no matter what I do.

  I feel emotionally drained and lost as I have been in this situation countless times and the feeling of being lesser than someone is very demeaning and emotionally draining.I have felt helpless when I try to convince someone regarding some of my actions and the other person is not convinced and refuses to agree to my viewpoint, then it becomes very frustrating and irritating for me.I agree that it is initially confusing for a third person to understand what I am saying, but those among you who have a close one who refuses to understand your point of view in various situations, will surely know what I am trying to say.

   This close one can be your husband, your sister or brother or even for that matter your child.It can be anyone and when you don’t agree with them mentally then it is very frustrating and irritating not only for you but for that person as well.When you have an argument with your husband and he refuses to understand your viewpoint, you feel frustrated and helpless as you try your best to make him understand but, he sticks to his egoistic viewpoint and refuses to budge.The wife has a tough time if this situation gets repeated time and again.She feels lost, unwanted and neglected.Any wife would feel that way if she is made to feel lesser than the other and she is always proved wrong even though she is right.

   When two individuals come together especially in marriage then, it is essential that they understand each other’s viewpoint and respect each other in every situation, but if due to immaturity and ego problems the husband does not understand the wife then the wife feels helpless and lost.The situation can be vice-versa if the wife is uncaring and egoistic and she refuses to understand her husband’s viewpoint.

  The feeling of helplessness is very frustrating and suffocating and all of you who are reading this can very well understand what I am trying to say.When you face a deadlock with your partner and he or she refuses to budge from his viewpoint or abstain from certain behaviour, then there is no choice in front of you but feel helpless.In a marriage if you feel this way where your viewpoints are not welcomed then you seem to be caught in a quagmire of sorts.

   You cannot opt out of the marriage due to kids and you certainly are not a person who will look forward to having an extra-marital affair, as you are person of principles, so there you are, again left with that overpowering feeling of helplessness.Those women who are wise shake away this feeling of helplessness by talking things out and come on a middle path with their hubbies, while others just resign with their fate.

   The feeling of helplessness crops up also when you face your parent who disagrees with you most of the time and you keep mum in various situations just for the peace of the house.The child is always at the receiving end when it comes to bearing up with the wishes of the parent,He or she cannot say much in front of the parent if he does not  agree to any viewpoint, as he is helpless in front of the respect he feels for his parent.Whenever a parent and a child argue the child has to submit to the parents wish especially in Indian families and if the parent is trying to stress himself on a girl-child then it becomes even more evident that the child has to subdue herself and bow to the wishes of her father or mother and try to maintain peace in the house.

  Another very painful situation of helplessness crops up when an elder sibling who is seemingly more powerful than the younger sibling, tries to impose his or her views and wishes on the younger sibling.Here again the younger sibling gets this feeling of helplessness in many situations as he or she is unable to convince his brother or sister in a given situation and has to step down and agree to his elder sibling and go according to his wish even if he or she does not want to.

  Helplessness is an overpowering feeling and it really weakens you not only mentally but emotionally as well.This feeling makes you feel so desperate that no matter how much you pray hard and ask God, that why is it you and only you and not anyone else.I can assure you that this is the most saddening feeling anyone can ever have as I have felt it many times and whenever I feel helpless, I look up to God and ask him that why me, why am I subject to so much neglect and  desperation and I get only one answer, that, have patience and look around you and you will see people who are more desperate than you, so thank your stars as to where you stand and try to be content with the way things are.

  Therefore I suggest to all of you who are feeling helpless to calmly have a look around you and then you will find countless examples of people who are much more troubled than you are and then you will feel more blessed than anyone.It will not only elevate your position, but it will also give you a moral boost and you will feel better in the days to come.

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